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Direct E-Mail Programs
Cactus Marketing was established in 1995 and has become a leader in the automotive direct mail industry
by providing auto dealerships with innovative direct marketing campaigns. Cactus Marketing has
experienced a growth rate of over 25% each year. We are proud that we currently mail over 30 separate
promotions each week totaling over 750,000 mailers per month. Cactus marketing is a privately held
family corporation and believes in honesty, integrity, and long term commitment to our customers.
Our Marketing And Sales Staff has over 60 years of combined Automotive Management experience. We
know and understand the automotive industry. Combine that with our expertise in Direct Mail Marketing
and you have managers that know what it takes to help you meet your goals on budget.
Our Graphic Art & Design Department will create a custom piece specifically tailored to your Dealership
and Marketing Campaign. This will allow you to tie your Direct Mail Promotions into your Newspaper,
Television and radio Advertisements as well as qualify for any Co-Op funds that may be available.
Our Data Management Team will maintain and update each and every name we purchase on your
behalf. Not only does this full list management prevent re-mails, it allows retargeting specific customers
with follow up pieces.
Our Deployment Team – ATI, serves as the hub for a collection of vertically-integrated marketing
companies formed with the specific goal of enhancing the internet and direct mail marketing initiatives of
some of the world’s most successful corporations.
Our innovative, advanced marketing solutions maximize the effectiveness of your direct marketing efforts.
Our companies specialize in lead generation, brand implementation, and custom technology, creative, and
merchant services.
As one of the most effective marketing methods available,
email marketing can deliver the highest return on your investment.
Opt-in E-mail is the most cost-effective and highly responsive vehicle
to acquire and retain Special Finance customers? Did you know that it is
additionally the most cost-effective way of creating brand awareness?
Did you know?
In the US alone, 88% of adult Internet
users have personal
e-mail accounts. Further, 46% of them
have e-mail access at work. Added
together, an estimated 147 million
people across the country use e-mail,
almost every day.
Did you know?
According to statistics, a survey
found that 91% of Internet users
between the ages of 18 and 64 send
or read e-mail and an even higher
number of users ages 65 or older do
the same.
Piece subject to change according to proven results.
EZ Credit Approval
The Ad emailed to your
potential customers will
be linked to our Secure
EZ 30 Second Credit
Customers wanting to
become pre-approved
will simply fill out the
application, and submit
to you with permission
to pull credit.
The application will be
emailed to your
designated email
Sample Application
Business Receives Completed
Application With Permission to
Pull Credit an/or Soft Leads
with contact information
Sample Lead Generator Window
Business Receives Lead
Pull Credit an/or Soft Leads
with contact information
“Caution Pre-Approval”
Pre-Approval Notice
“Get Approved”
1st Step to Pre-Approval
No Credit – Bad Credit - Bankruptcy
“Giant Sales Event”
• 50 Applications or 6 Weeks of
Broadcasting – whichever comes
• 25 Applications or 3 weeks of
Broadcasting – whichever comes first
• 50,000 Emails with No Applications
(General Saturation-Leads) *Lead
Generation available upon request.
•Creative included if selected from
existing art.
•Backend setup included.
•EZ 30 Second Credit App Delivery
System Included
•Complete Reporting Available
•$250 Custom Art Charge
Contact Information
Direct Marketing Experts
Toll Free: 800-569-3855 | Fax: 530-236-7774
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