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By Raquel Robledo
Sara Nogales
In most of the rich
countries,like Europe in
general and America,
they had pure water in
they own homes.
But in Africa the water has a
lot of impurities like in the
photo and its very difficult
to find water.They had to
collect water from the
puddles or they had to make
potholes in the ground.
In the same parts, in
europe and america
,they can have a bath in
they own homes.
But instead of this ,in
africa they dont have
baths or they was
themselves in a balde.
Also some aquatic
animals and plants need
water to survive and
If these animals don't
have water they could
A terrible accident was
when the Prestige sank
in 2002. The petroleum
pollute the coasts of
the North of
Portugal,the Landas in
France and Spain.
Also some acids makes the
water acidic. The acidic
water is bad for us and
helps to the erosion on
rocks. With this water
the trees are kill.
A ship sank near a beach,
but the ship only pollute
one or two km with his
own fuel.
The ship was called Sierra
Nava in 02/02/07.
In Zumaia (Guipúzcoa) was
also affected by the
petroleum, like you can
see in the photo.
We can solve all these problems using less
water in our life.
For pollute less the air; this contribute to
the health of the water.
Having more sources for when a ship like
the Prestige sanks.