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Justice Peace & Integrity of Creation
Open our hearts through scripture,
prayer, theology and liturgy.
Every element of creation is a gift
of God and a revelation of God.
Open our minds to learn and teach the
issues before us. Deepen our
understanding of the threats to God’s
creation. Connect sustainable practices
with eco-justice, economics and social
Open our hands to implement projects
that protect, heal and honor all life.
Through our works, we are known
to the world.
Social,Economic and Ecological
(SEE) Justice
Romans 8:22-5: - all Creation is groaning…
Web of Life
Interdependence of All Life
Gift of Water
Water of Baptism
Water of Life
• Gift of Water
protect and enhance
watersheds, restore
water quality
• God’s Covenant
with Noah
preserve native
habitats, bio-diversity,
and wilderness areas
Issues Surrounding Bottled Water
• Waste
– Natural resources
– Un-recycled bottles go to landfills
• Toxicity
– Inadequate regulation and enforcement
(FDA vs. EPA)
• Cost
– Bottled water can cost up to 1000 times
more than tap water
– Loss of public water fountains
Biodiversity - I Corinthians 12:26
If one member suffers, all suffer...
• Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Program, BWHP
• Cultural and Spiritual Values of
BioDiversity – Jeffrey Golliher,
Program Representative for
Environment and Sustainable
Development with Anglican Observer
at United Nations
• Fair Trade Shade Grown
Coffee and Tea
– Conservation Concessions
Companions of the Land
• Trees of Life
sustainable forest
management and
endorse road-less
• Garden of God
implement healthy
agriculture and land
practices, CBG/A
Psalm 1:3 …like a tree planted near
water that yields fruit in due season,
leaves never fade
• National Forest Protection and
Restoration Act
– end destruction and irresponsible
timber sale, restore forests
• Post consumer recycled paper,
tree-free paper and GPI
• Religious Campaign Forest
OBN-Opening the Book of Nature &
NCC Land Initiative Resources
Food & Faith Issues
Food Security
• How is our food grown?
• How does food get to our table?
Breath of Life - Air Quality
Sustaining Life
• Source of Light & Breath
Address global warming
and climate change
issues - conserve and buy
green renewable energy.
• House of the Lord
Continue greening our
churches, camps, and
conference centers.
Sources of Energy
Acts2:1-3 Fire, Streams of Heat
• Power & Light Groups
• EPA - Energy Star
• NCC, Eco-Justice
Covenant Congregations
• Interfaith Climate
Change Network
Greening Your Church
Energy Conservation & Green Energy
Sustainable Build & Design Practices
Community Gardening
Fair Trade/Shade Grown Coffee
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Work with local Watershed groups
A Creation Awareness Center
- Care of Creation Liturgies in May & October
Intergenerational Activity
Weeds to Wreaths
Alternative Christmas Gifts
• River Research and
Educational Program
• Plants for Rain Garden
• Native plant/bush for
stream Restoration
TSSF Charism: JPIC Ministry
Principle 13 – pray, study, work
Principle 18 - …use and
distribution of wealth, questions
concerning justice and peace;
and all other questions
concerning life of faith.
Contact regional JPIC leaders
to learn more
Celebration of the Word
• Liturgies
God as Creator
• Creation Season