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Climate change and the visual arts
VAGA / Engage Scotland
Scottish Book Trust, Edinburgh
Thursday 27th August, 2009
Justin Carter
[email protected]
‘Initially borrowed from evolutionary biology, the
term ‘adaptation’ has come into widespread use
in the climate change literature. In a way, it is a
misleading term, because it implies reacting to
the consequences of climate change once it
has occurred. However, just like our efforts to
limit the warming of the worlds climate,
adaptation as far as possible has to be
anticipatory and preventative’.
(Anthony Giddens - The Politics of Climate Change, 2009)
Sustainable Indulgence
A new project commissioned for the
Whitstable Biennale 2004.
Signage detail
Serving up
Aims & Objectives:
Design & fabricate low impact structure
for producing, preserving & distributing
ice cream.
To operate a production system where
demand and supply are constantly in
balance. Economic production dictated by
(logic of local ingredients)
A social platform testing alternative
In transit
Ice innards
Staff show
Towers folley
Unforseen difficulties:
Weather (lightning!)
Ice cream wars Hearne Bay. (official
Outbreak flies
Ongoing concern - (input/output analysis)
Do the means justify the ends?
(Specifically relating to transport and high
Sustainable indulgence II
For Aichi Expo 2005, Japan.
Crossovers at Toyota Museum.
Toyota Museum
Invited to do new project for Crossovers
Opportunity to modify design in terms of
weight, use and new context, (culturally
and institutionally).
To re-design work to be as small and light
as possible to travel as sea freight to
reduce carbon footprint.
A new challenge - to operate within
gallery/museum context.
Deeper Aims:
To develop art work that acknowledges its
journey/existence after and during the
point of exhibition.
Intelligent ‘design’ - hybridisation.
(ie. Cushioning of work becomes
Holistic outlook - Product as process.
(work is work whether exhibited or not)
No Logo
Collecting crate
Solar ice
Alex Lockett & Ian England
Project Pigeon: Pictorial Featuring work by
Justin Carter, Lisa Cheung, Tom Dale, Ole Hagen
Ming de Nasty, Lindsey Seers, and Simon Woolh
delivered by carrier pigeon.
6.30pm, 27th August - 6th September
Insertspace, Digbeth, Birmingham