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What is Stormwater?
Stormwater refers to water produced during rain events or melting snow.
The water (runoff) washes off driveways, parking lots, roads, yards,
rooftops, and other hard surfaces. Some of the water seeps into the
ground or it flows into storm drains and waterways.
Why Should You Care?
Stormwater runoff is the nation’s number one source of water pollution!
Runoff usually flows into the nearest stream, creek, lake, or ocean. As it
flows it picks up chemicals, bacteria, sediment, and trash and it goes right
into our precious waterways. This toxic pollution is harmful to plants and
animals that live in the water and to the water supply itself.
How Can You Help?
Clean up after your pets
Dispose of car oil properly and have it done professionally when possible
Sweep pavements instead of hosing debris into the storm drain.
Wash your car at the car wash instead of at home
Apply chemicals sparingly to your yard and use the least toxic materials
Do not flush old medications or chemicals in the toilet
Dispose of and store paint and chemicals properly
Help keep storm drains free of leaves and debris
Report the dumping of anything into a storm drain. Contact the City
Of Buda Public Works Dept. at (512) 312-2876 to report illegal dumping.