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A Quick Guide
What does the law actually say?
• Introduced to protect people who have created
original pieces of work.
• Books, Music, Films, Games, Applications.
• 2 main purposes of the Act:
• To ensure people are rewarded for their
• To give protection to the copyright holder if
someone tries to steal their work.
What the law covers…
• The Act protects a wide range of work… written
and computer based.
• Includes:
• Copying Software;
• Copying or Downloading music;
• Copying images or photographs from the
• Copying text from web pages.
So what does this mean for you?
Simply put this means Copyright is :
The right to NOT have your original work (in literary, dramatic, musical or artistic
work) copied by someone else who could say they made it. e.g. text ( literature),
pictures, most things that you could make ( including sounds).
That means you should not COPY anything without the owners permission.
However ….
– Students (people who are learning and teaching) can copy images and text for use in
– their learning provided they acknowledge where they got the images and text from
– and do not use them for commercial purposes ( to make money).
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