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Course for teachers covering: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery PHP, PHP/MySQL
From the Assessment Specifications (Higher)
From the Assessment Specifications
(Advanced Higher)
Course format:
• HTML, CSS and JavaScript use Codecademy
• JQuery, PHP and MySQL use a conventional website
Course details: HTML5 / CSS3
identifying elements by tag, class and id,
semantic tags,
text wrap around images,
text boxes,
absolute, relative and internal links.
Course details: JavaScript
• changing content on a web page,
• changing HTML code to add links and formatting,
• Executing code when a button on a page is clicked.
• Standard Algorithm Programming examples:
input validation,
finding maximum and minimum values,
counting occurrences,
linear search.
Course details: JQuery
• Selectors
• Events
• Example quiz page with answers which animate on click
Course details: PHP
• Using a form to send an email,
• form validation,
• Standard Algorithm Programming examples:
• Input validation.
• counting occurrences.
• linear search
Course details: PHP / MySQL
• Connect to a database and send SQL queries which:
• Display all records,
• Create a record,
• Delete a record,
• Amend a record.
• Building a simple content management system
Getting it to work
What you need:
• A Web server running PHP
• A Web server running MySQL (or one server running both)
• Use EasyPHP (Education Scotland Blog post)
• Use free online hosting and database services
• Buy some Raspberry Pi and use old keyboards and monitors
Document related concepts

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