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Catalyst 1.26.09
What does the term forensic anthropology
Where have you heard this term used before?
Turn to the case study on page 360.
Read the case study summarizing it in 3-4
sentences and answer the question below:
What was the role of the forensic
anthropologist in this case, why was it vital to
the case?
Forensic Anthropology:
What We Learn from
What Can We Learn From
In your lab notebooks, on a fresh page:
Title the Page “Bone Inquiry”
Label the 1st Station
Divide the page into three columns.
Bone Inquiry
Bone Station 1
What Can We Learn From
At each station record the bone(s)
information, one question about the bone(s),
and a prediction about the bones origin or
What Can We Learn From
Your Lab Notebook
should look like this.
You will rotate around
the classroom to each
You will only have 4
minutes per station.
After you have looked
at each question
answer the activity
conclusion questions.
Conclusion Questions
1. Where any of the bones you looked at
human? How could you tell?
2. Why would forensic anthropologist need
to be familiar with many skeletal types?
3. What type of information can you gather
from just examining bones? Be as
specific as possible.