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Unit 1.Great to see you again
Student A : 日一甲 4A2E0061 洪淑媚
Student B : 日一甲 4A2E0062 蔡宜芳
A : Hi , Do you remember me ? I’m May. We met at a party last week.
B : May , What a surprise ! I’m Karen , Where are you come from ?
A : I’m come from Taiwan.
B : Oh , Taiwanese people are friendly , I’m come from Japan.
A : Japanese people are polite , too. What club would you like to join ?
B : I would like to join tennis club. Do you like sports ?
A : No , I don’t like sports , but I love music , I’m going to join guitar club.
B : Sounds great , What’s your favorite Taiwanese singer ?
A : I like Jolin , She can not only sing but also dance well.
B : Yes , she is a famous singer in Taiwan , I’m interested in music , too.
A : What do you do in your free time ?
B : I like to watch movie or listen to music in my free time.
A : Me too , It seems that we have similar habit.
B : Yeah , That’s great.
A : Let’s have a lunch first , I’m hungry.
B : I agree with you , Let’s go.
A : What's your favorite food?
B : I like sushi the most.
A : Do you eat sushi every day in Japan?
B : Not really , but I would like to eat sushi every day.
A : Then we will have sushi for lunch today.
B : Really?You are so nice.
A : I know a famous sushi restaurant near by our school.