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Rationalizing the New
Healthcare Paradigm
Scientific Agenda
Patient Imperatives
Research Performance
 Are we winning the war against Pca:
 How do we know
 How do we measure
 Black Population:
 Disproportionate negative impact
 Greatest short term need
 What is the “low hanging fruit”:
 Education
 Access
 Early Detection
 Comparative funding:
 Parity among cancers
Question #1
 Will access to care solve the issue of
racial health disparity
Pathways to Cancer
Every cancer is different
Early Disease Detection
 U.S. vs European conflict on screening
 No U.S. consensus
 Lack of “Risk” determination
 Government agency imbalances
 Focus:
 Promote Wellness
 Treat Illness
Primary Care Impact
• Decline in doctors entering
into Primary Care Medicine
Resistance to greater use of
nurse practitioners
Continuing shortage of
Closing of ER’s
Resistance to “Convenient
Care” clinics
Complicating the Issue
 Women vs. Men
Comparable incidence and mortality
Research funds - 3X for breast cancer
Public health staffing - inconsistent
Government commitment - no agencies
Media focus - inordinately female focus
Men don’t communicate
Question #2
 Does your doctor provide you with
information on your risk of your cancer
 Yes
 No
 I don’t ask because I fear the answer
 I don’t think my doctor can give me the answer
The First Clinical Trial
 Blacks don’t participate in clinical trials
 Their insurance won’t pay for it
 They don’t have insurance
 Their doctors won’t be able to provide care
 They don’t want to be “guinea pigs”
 Clinical trials don’t work
 There is not enough information on trials
Why Participate
 Health Disparities
 Different drug reactions
 First Benefit from a New Therapy
 Opportunity for treatment years before
 Best Standard of Care
 Regular health testing
 Current approved standard plus new protocol
 Protecting the Future
Question #4
 What would cause you to support more
funding for prostate cancer research:
 Information from my doctor
 Information from TV, newspapers
 Results of current research studies
 Patient advocacy group information
 Change in government policies
 Patient success stories
Research Accountability
 What are our Tax Dollars Buying
 Communicate:
 What does research mean to the patient
 Eliminate redundancy:
 Support creativity outside of established
 Building infrastructure and intellectual
 Survivorship:
 What is being done to extend my life NOW
 Focus:
 On the patient, not the system
 Results:
 Need balance between the future and present
 Think Globally:
 Utilize data and results from the rest of the
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