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Our Commitment to Safety, Quality and Productivity
Make up the Foundation of our Company
Damon G. Douglas Company has received many prestigious safety awards throughout the years.
 CISP – White Plateau Level
 NJ Governors Safety Awards 2002 – present
 NJBCA – Zero Lost Work Days 2003 – present
 AGC Zero Lost Work Days
 CNA’s Leadership in Safety Award
Our Chief Operating Officer is a certified CHST,
one of only 44 in the state of New Jersey. With over
40 years experience in the construction industry he has
effectively enforced our safety programs to
create a safe environment for our jobsites.
Since 2006 we have worked over 735,000 man hours with our in house forces resulting in “Zero”
lost days due to accidents or injuries.
Every project is evaluated separately and a site specific plan along with a site logistics plan is
developed for each project. Our goal is to create a safe environment for all and minimize
disruption to the owners and their employees day to day operations.
Our Safety, Health & Environmental Policies are incorporated into each subcontract agreement.
Everything from site specific safety orientations for all employees on the site to J.H.A’s, tool box
talks, weekly subcontractor meetings, post accident investigations, drug and alcohol testing,
weekly site inspection by our Chief Safety Officer, bi-weekly safety inspections by both our
insurance broker and carrier make our job site safety second to none. Specific safety training and
documentation is paramount with all of our field and office employees.