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Public Health & Community
Partnership working
Dr Ruth Milton
Public Health
Hampshire County Council
The new Public Health System
• National leadership – Public Health
• Local leadership – Local authorities
– Local democratic leadership
– New duty to improve the public’s health
with support from specialist staff & budget
Working in partnership to
improve the public’s health
• Strategic - planning
• Operational – commissioning
– Clear criteria and outcomes based
• Operational – community engagement
and development
Health & Wellbeing Board
Leaders from health and local authority come
together to improve the health and wellbeing
and reduce inequalities
• Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (includes
Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment) informs:
• Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy informs:
• Commissioning by member organisations
Commissioned interventions
from community pharmacy
• Services commissioned from community
pharmacy to improve the public’s health
(LES) include:
– Sexual health
• Contraception
• Chlamydia testing
– Smoking cessation
– Drug & alcohol services
New relationships with
Public Health
• Local authority – non-NHS contracts
• Opportunities
– Move from Local Enhanced Service for
each service to a “public health service”
– Outcomes based
– Rely on pharmacy systems
Health Living Pharmacy
• National pilots inform on-going development
• New contracting mechanisms
• Changing population needs
– From the community for the community
– New conversation with clients
– “place of clinical safety”
• Families
• Working age people
• Older people
Process for HLP
• LPC taking a coordinating and leading role
• Public health identifying key areas for next
• Initially develop HLP
• Then… for on-going development
– Business opportunities –Public health,
NHS commissioners