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Channels of Appeal
Average business does
not hear from 96% of its
unhappy customers!
Go back to the business!
Write a letter to the company
(complaint dept. or consumer
affairs dept.)
Local Consumer Organization
• Better Business Bureau (BBB) - nonprofit, non-govt. organization. They
do not give advice. They send
complaint to company and company
is given 15 days to respond. (Rating
State Consumer Agencies
• Office of the Attorney General prosecute
• Occupational licensing boards supervise trades and professions
 National Consumer Agencies
• Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - truthful
labeling, credit report info. Cooling Off Period.
• U.S. Postal - illegal use of mail (inspection &
false advertising)
• Office of Consumer Affairs - Consumer
complaints received and referred to the
appropriate gov’t & private agencies.
• Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates radio & T.V. (airspace)
#5 Con’t
 Consumer Product Safety Commission -
(CPSC) - Set standards and ban those that
are considered hazardous. (emergency
room lists)
• Removes hazardous products
Arbitration/Small Claims/Class
Federal Laws
 Food Drug and Cosmetic Act
• Safe/Truth in Label/Weight-Vol./Name and
Address of Manufacturer
 Wool Products Labeling Act
• Amount & Kind if 5% or more
 Flammable Fabrics Act Flame
• retardant finish for 50 washings
 Permanent Care Labeling Rule
• permanent labels
 Hazardous Substances - Warning Labels
 Child Protection and Toy Safety - Labels,
warnings, etc.
 Full-Specific written guarantee.
repair or replace defective product
 Limited-Specified limitations, must state
what is covered and for how long.
 Implied-unwritten guarantee, product must
fulfill the purpose for which it was