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Electric car battery management
Project work spring 2013
Roope Savolainen
Joel Saastamoinen
Kai Bredenberg
• 2 Fiat Doblo electric cars bought from Fortum
• 30kW about 100km/h only 2000 km driven
• Cars broken and sold to Aalto University
• A Master thesis done about the topic
• Check the condition of batteries
• Install batteries in the car and check that the
battery management system works
• Try to fix battery charging system
• Battery type: 3,2 V LiFePO4 / 160 Ah
• Charging voltage: 4 V Battery voltage should
never decrease under 2.5 V
• About 54-66 batteries in series
Battery Management System
• Communication with computer through serial
• Car dosen’t work if any of the batteries are
Charging System
• Charging voltage: 216 V (input three phase 50
Hz 400 V)
• System dosen’t work
• No specifications or documentation available