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Bio Visual PPT quiz 12
Question 1: Which node represents the most recent
common ancestor of terminal taxa A and B?
A. node 1
B. node 2
C. node 3
D. none of them
Question 2:Which terminal taxon is B
more closely related to, A or C?
• A. A
• B. C
• C. neither
Question 3:Which of the following
terms best describes a cladogram?
A)branching tree
• B)nested hierarchy
• C)phylogenetic tree
• D)polyphyly
Question 4:The broadest categories in the system of
classification, below kingdoms, are called phyla.
• A. true
• B. false
Question 5:The binomial system assigns to each
organism a unique name that describes its _____
A. order and family
B. body plan and habitat
C. species and genus
D. family and species