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Ch 4 sec 4-2
• Work in morning
• Exercise and talk politics in afternoon and
• Rich men went to all male gatherings
• Married at 14 or 15—have children and take
care of house
• Poor women may work w/ husband in field or
• Women rarely left house—if husband diedwent w/ male relative
Women (con’t)
• No political rights—father, husband, children
when widowed
• Aspasia-foreign woman who was educated
and lived in Athens
• Suspicious of Athens war 431 BC-404 BC
Peloponnesian Wars
• Pericles Funeral Oration
– Morn Athenian dead
– Tells why Athens is great—democracy and why
they fight
• Cannot beat in open battle—call farmers
behind walls
• Athens has navy—gets supplies from colonies
• Disease spreads in city and killed 1/3 of
Pericles dies
• Desperate to win Sparta makes deal to give
land to Persia for ships—give up Greek land in
Asia Minor
• Destroy Athens's ships
• Weakens all of Greece
Rule of Greece
• Sparta tries to rule Greece—war starts again
in 30 years
• Macedonia to North is becoming powerful