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What is a
Century Learner
What’s Different?
What modern elements impact 21st
century learners
Flat world – outsources rather than layered business models
Fast pace change – must be quick to adapt – 14 jobs by age 38
Non-linear information gathering and sharing
Shift from product to service
Online collaboration
– Working remotely with group members you may never meet on projects and documents
– Teleconferencing, discussions, chats, peer-to-peer file sharing, group document editing
Modularity – ability to transfer learning to variety of career changes and new
Bilingualism or ability to easily translate languages
Global awareness
Data mining the Internet
Finance, economy, business savvy – world trade, entrepreneurial skills
Changes in world government – globalization, world banks
Green energy awareness; pollution concerns
Changes in agriculture, water resources, transportation
• What else defines the 21st Century Learner?
• What specifically can we do to help 21st
Century learner?