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Natural Selection
1. Two British men proposed an explanation of how evolution occurs. Name them.
2. What is natural selection?
3. What is overproduction?
A. when a species produces many more offspring than can survive
B. when plants produce more food than is needed
C. when individuals produce more offspring than simply replacing themselves
D. when individuals in a species can't get enough food
4. Competition between individuals is usually:
A. direct
B. indirect
C. fierce
D. necessary
5. What is variation?
A. the way an individual changes throughout its lifetime
B. the way a species might change over time
C. any difference between individuals of the same species
D. any difference between species
6. Why are variations important?
A. Some variations give individuals an advantage that may help them survive and
B. Some variations may be passed down to offspring by genes.
C. Variations over time may lead to evolution.
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
7. The only traits that can lead to natural selection and evolution are traits that:
A. help a species survive
B. don't cause mutations
C. are controlled by genes that can be inherited
D. all of the above