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You're looking to protect your SQL instance from a machine
failure. Or, maybe your storage budget and tight and you don't
want to have your databases in two places with one of the
other highly available options that SQL provides. Let's learn
what a cluster is and why it might be the right thing for you.
We'll explore the system, network, storage, and database
administration sides of the equation. And, when it's all said
and done we will even have built a SQL clustered instance!
Level: Beginner
Presenter info:
Paul Popovich Jr. has been in the IT space for the last 10 years
professionally and tinkering with computers since his 486 PC back
in the mid 1990s. Professionally he is a senior database
administrator for a NE Ohio hospital system. You can find on
twitter @pmpjr, email at
Clusters! From the ground up,
let's build one together.
Paul M. Popovich Jr.
Accidental DBA
SAN administrator
VMware administration
Windows administration
“Is it broke? Paul will fix it”
“Senior MS SQL Database Administrator”
Choices, you have them…
Availability Groups (AG)
Mirroring (Deprecated)
Log Shipping
Failover Cluster Instances (FCI)
Some basic items to start with:
• What
• Who
• Why
Are you friends with the people in your
IT department?
• SAN administer (giver of bytes)
• Network guy (firewall guy)
• Windows administrator/team
• Active Directory administrator
• VMware administrator (?)
SAN - the keeper of the bits
• Storage guys
• Fiber Channel
• Switching and paths
Networking – Cisco? HP? Dell? Huh?
• Not my bag
• Windows Cluster gets a DNS entry
• Your SQL Instance needs a DNS entry prior
to it’s instance name
• NICs – how many?
Networking con’t
• Heartbeat
Hardware to deploy on:
• Hardware
• Instance count
• Workload
• CPU configuration
• Licensing
Windows / AD
• Initial build
• LUN mounting
• Cluster setup / Validation
• OUs for your items (need certain domain
rights to build items)
• Patching- CAU?
Pray to demo gods
• Demo time
Thanks for coming by to listen to me
go on and on about clusters!
Did the demo break? This is plan B
What is the setup?
One DC (not demoing how to build a dc, statis Ips tho bro
Allow rpd)
One SAN (isci in windows, demo setup)
Two nodes
Have the domain up, all the firewalls off, and the machines all on it
Configure san storage to node a/b (two drives, a q and a data)
Build windows cluster
Show validation reports / go through, mention nics/teaming
Quick discussion on quorum (disk, file, need enough voting members to maintain)
Do the sql install – use domain admin, show failover
ppt title - Microsoft
ppt title - Microsoft