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 Knowledge in the act of feeding souls. She literally gives her body as the Bread and her blood as the Wine of life.
In the later Ptolemeian times this tree was assigned to Sophia; which shows the link between Egypt and Greece.”
Hebrew-Greek: CHARIS (Gdss. Chald.) “Etymology: Gk. Charis, n, fem. (L.S.) inter alia; favour, peace, beauty,
kindness, goodwill, gratification, delight; Charis, pr. n. sg. n. of wife of Hephaistos; Charites, pr. n. pl. the Graces;
cf. Gk. eucharis, pleasing, charming, winning, agreeable, pleasant; and Gk. eucharistia, n. fem. thanks, gratitude,
(see below).
“In the doctrine of Marcus, Charis is described as being greater than all things. According to Massey, Marcus
spoke of the ‘blood of Charis’ and taught that ‘the Eucharist was a celebration of Charis’.” Hebrew-Greek:
CHAVAH, EVE (Clement of Alexandria). “But what if I were to recount the mysteries for you?.. wreathed with
snakes.. shouting the name of Eva.. At any rate, according to the true Hebrew speech, the word ‘hevia’ with an
aspirate means the female snake”. (Butterworth) “Clement catches at a slight verbal resemblance as affording
some support for his idea that there is a connection between Eve and the Bacchic serpent. Elsewhere he gives
the Hebrew derivation, Eve=Life (see Genesis iii, 20)”. (Brown, Driver and Briggs) “Chavah, noun, proper. fem.
life.. Noldeke, who suggests serpent as possible meaning..” (L.S.) “Euoi, Bacchanalian exclamation. Lat. evoe,
like eva, evan.”
Indian: DEVI-KALI (a priest of Kali, quoted by Daraul).
“The whole initiation-ceremonies of the cult are now exposed:
“... the applicant is taken to a small room, where four teachers explain that Kali is the Great Mother who
represents all mothers, the wife, the sister.. A man is not complete until he has experienced femininity in all
aspects of relationship, in physical touch, and also within himself. The goddess must possess him. This continues
for sixteen days, during which he is taught and repeats until he knows by heart the prayers to the goddess.
Eventually he is to say and to believe: ‘I belong to Kali, and am returning to her..’ “
At a later stage the guru says, “ ‘Bhowani! O Great Mother of all the World, we are your followers and slaves.
Deign to accept this, your humble worshipper.. Prosper him in all his undertakings; for you prosper us all and you
in your constructive aspect preside over every undertaking, large and small. He is ready. . If you agree, give us a
sign. Give us a sign.’
“When the omen has been seen, all cry: ‘We thank you, Mother, Devi, Bhowani’!
“The initiate now bathes in running water, repeating to himself ‘Bhowani is Life. Bhowani is Death. Bhowani is All.’
He is taken after a further four days to a huge feast, where he is handed jasmine flowers (yellow is the Kali colour)
and sprayed with rose water. Naked girls.. (are) swaying before him.. Now he takes the oath by which he binds
himself for ever to the service of the goddess..”
On the Eucharist of Kali (id.) “Now the wine is (hallowed,) according to what the purpose of the rite is. The primary
purpose is ecstasy and the secondary. . may be almost anything. For rites involving the use of money, a gold pot
is used; for freedom, silver; for happiness, copper; food or works of construction base alloy.. stone, power.
“The Ritual combines, it will be seen, that of religion and magic. Kali is asked to perform a service for the
worshipper, as well as being herself done honour to by those who are dedicated to her cult.
“the Guru fills the container with wine and intones the mystical words: ‘Um Mum Kum Jum Rum: Give power to
this wine and convert it into divine nourishment.’
“Four bowls of wine are drunk by each participant, one with each course. After this sexual intercourse is
“This worship of Kali may take place by the initiated, led by the priest and it is not unusual for it to be celebrated
on Wednesday evening. “ Note: Wednesday is holy to Kali. (id.) “Kalipuja (Kali-worship) gives. . an idea of how
intoxicating true communion with the divine could be. For this reason, according to the priest, it is not uncommon
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