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 “Where help is perhaps most necessary is when one is confronted with religious teachings. The best course is to
regard with great caution any religious doctrines either orthodox or unorthodox which one does not intuitively
know to be true. This is difficult, because as has been mentioned before, religion is seen to be a subject of urgent
interest, and one is impatient to study it. Nevertheless, it is better to have patience, knowing that in its own time
the true religion, including the theology of this realm of consciousness will be revealed to one. Following this
principle one will find that there is no reason for religious doctrines to monopolize the attention.
(The Phase of Religious Sensitivity)
“The main feature of this phase lies in the intellectual and emotional realm, namely, in religion. It is now that a
definite pattern of the religion of this new state of consciousness begins to emerge.
“At first one finds oneself questioning the male emphasis laid on the Godhead by much religious teaching both
orthodox and unorthodox, but especially by the more modern religions of the West. One begins to feel, for
instance, that the doctrine of the Trinity lacks a female element .. One finds this being replaced in the mind by one
which is more balanced, as for instance, the Egyptian Isis, Osiris and Horus.
“Gradually a further change takes place. Instead of a male-female equality, the female aspect begins to
predominate. Thus Osiris is not seen as a father; parenthood is focused on Isis the Mother.
“More or less concurrently with this one finds presented to the mind what is, according to much current religious
teaching, an unusual view of the place of women in religious ritual. One finds, for instance, reminders being given
of statements to the effect that all women are born priestesses; and one feels that its parallel cannot always be
said of men. One finds also an increasing importance being attached to the woman’s monthly cycle; one sees it
as closely linked with her role as priestess.
“Religious ritual correspondingly changes its aspect. Instead, as is so usual, of men taking the active part, the
position is now reversed. It is women who really take the active part in the realm of religion. That is not to say that
men have no place; they do in fact play an important part, and one that needs a definite standard of ethical
education; their roles, however, unlike that of women, is passive.
(The Phase of the New Birth)
“Until now there has been, except for the telepathic link before mentioned, an apparently almost complete
separation between one’s inner thoughts and the outer events which are taking place around one.
“From now on, however, the two begin to merge. The telepathic link between inside and outside becomes greatly
strengthened. The most mundane details of life take on a religious significance, and the performance of them
becomes an act of profound importance.
“In spite of the fact, however, that paranormal experiences are now far more frequent than they were in the phase
described earlier, the attention is directed not so much to their strangeness as towards trying to discover what
they have to teach.
“Gradually the outer events seem to take over an increasingly greater control of one’s thoughts, and there is a
feeling of being a passive participant in what is going on. That is not to say that one’s reason or conscience or will
is in any way overridden in fact the reverse is the case; one’s reason and conscience decide that this is the only
course, and one’s will chooses to have it so.
“Events from now on follow a definite sequence. First one becomes aware, although daily routine still follows the
normal pattern, of an emphasis on what can be described as the accompaniments of infancy; women appear in
the role of ‘nannies’...
(The Phase of the Divine Presence)
“This phase, though the vital one, con be described very briefly.
“One of the signs that one is approaching the basic initiation is the growing awareness of the telepathic link
between oneself and all the human race. An essential difference, however, is intuitively felt between one’s link
with men and one’s link with women. There may arise the feeling of a certain degree of opposition on the part of
men, though this is impotent in deflecting the course of events now taking place.
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