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 history of Asiatic religions and philosophies, fascinated by the veil of Isis, initiated by .. personal experiences..”
The Countess Cagliostro, a priestess of Isis, performed initiations. THE MOTHERS (Goethe):
Faust: (terrified)
Yet there’s a way.
Speak, nor delay thy history.
Unwillingly I reveal a loftier mystery In solitude are throned the Goddesses,
No space around them, Place and Time still less
Only to speak of them embarrasses.
Hast thou dread?
The Mothers! The Mothers! - a strange word is said.
It is so. Goddesses, unknown to you,
The Mortals, - named by us unwillingly.
Delve in the deepest depths must thou, to reach them.
‘Tis thine own fault that we for help beseech them.
Where is the way?
No way! - To the Unreachable,
Ne’er to be trodden! A way to the Unbeseechable
Ne’er to be besought! Art thou prepared?
There are no locks, no latches to be lifted;
Through endless solitudes shalt thou be drifted.
Hast thou through solitudes and deserts fared
I think ‘twere best to spare such speeches.
They smell too strongly of the witches
Descend, then! ..
At last a blazing tripod tells thee this
That there the utterly deepest bottom is..”
(Eckermann quoted by Bayard-Taylor) Goethe’s response to Eckermann’s questions about the Mothers: “He,
however, according to his usual habit, assumed a mysterious air, looking at me with wide-open eyes and
repeating the words ‘The Mothers! Mothers! It sounds so singular’. .. I can only betray so much’, he then said,
‘that in reading Plutarch, I found that in Grecian antiquity the Mothers are spoken of as Goddesses..You may take
this manuscript home with you. Study it carefully and see what success you will have with it’.” (Bayard Taylor)
“Eckermann, after taking home Goethe’s manuscript and duly pondering over it, evolved out of his inmost
consciousness the discovery that the Mothers are the ‘creating and sustaining principle, from which everything
proceeds that has life and form on the surface of the earth.’ Koestlin says.. ‘They are Goddesses, who preside
over the eternal metamorphoses of things, of all that already exists.’ Duentzer calls the Mothers the ‘primitive
forms (or ideas) of things — Urbilder der Dinge..’ Deycks sees in the Mothers, as in the matrices (i.e. of
Paracelsus) ‘the elemental or original material of all forms.’ Reimer’s view is substantially the same, - ‘they are the
elements from, which spring all that is corporeal as well as all that is intellectual.’ The realm where the Mothers
dwell is visible to the secret vision of the Poet and the Artist.” PALLAS. The Order of the Helmet, also known as
The Order of Pallas is closely associated with the Italian Renaissance. The symbol of this Order is the figure of a
woman wearing a helmet and holding a spear. The Order soon extended its influence to Britain and Ireland,
where its membership is believed to have included Dr. Dee, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis
Bacon and the ninth Earl of Northumberland, “Henry the Wizard”. In these countries the Order was centred
around the ‘Virgin Queen’, Elizabeth I, through whom the Goddess was seen to be manifest in the form of
Gloriana, the Faerie Queene, Diana and Belphoebe. It seems probable that Edmund Spenser and the Earl of
Desmond were at least associated with the Order. In Ireland Raleigh was particularly connected with Youghal and
also Castle Matrix, Co. Limerick (formerly Matres, derived from the Celtic Mother Goddesses) where Raleigh and
Spenser first met.
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