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 manifestations (Strepituum). It was there that I was made to see in imagination (phantasia) those trees and all
those herbs which operate such prodigies... and I saw their dances.. I heard their singing. I saw finally, for forty
consecutive days, the phalanx of Gods and Goddess, sending from Olympus, as though they were Kings, spirits
to represent them on earth and act in their name among all the nations. At that time I lived entirely on fruit, eaten
only after sunset, the virtues of which were explained to me.” (Arnobius, cited by Larson) the holy formula by
which the mystae become full initiates : “I have fasted, and drunk the draught: I have taken out of the mystic cist,
and put into the wicker basket; I have received again, and transferred to the little chest.” (Porphyry) “The
priestesses of Demeter too, as the initiates of the earth goddess, were called bees by the ancients and Kore
herself was called the Honey-sweet.” (Iamblicus cited by Mme. Blavatsky) lamblicus states that one purpose of
the Exhibitions in the Mysteries was the “vanquishing all evil thought, through the awful holiness with which these
rites were accompanied.” (Stobaeus, cited in Enc. Brit.) on the Eleusinian Mysteries: “Towards the end of the
celebrations, the whole scene is terrible; all is trembling, shuddering, sweat and astonishment. Many horrible
spectres are seen and strange cries uttered. Light succeeds darkness; and again the blackest darkness the most
glaring light. Now appear open plains, flowery meads, and waving groves; where are seen dances and choruses;
and various holy phantasies enchant the sight. Melodious notes are heard from far, with all the sublime symphony
of the hallowed hymns. The pupil now is completely perfect, is initiated, becomes free, released and walks about
with a crown on his head, and is admitted to bear a part in the holy rites.” (Julian) “I was saying that we ought not
to suppose that the ancients appointed the season of the rites irrationally, but rather as far as possible with
plausible and true grounds of reason; and indeed a proof of this is that the goddess herself chose as her province
the cycle of the equinox. For the most holy and secret Mysteries of Deo (i.e. Demeter) and the Maiden (Kore) are
celebrated when the sun is in the sign of Libra, and this is quite natural. . the most important ceremonies of the
Mysteries are performed, for our protection and salvation.” note by Cave Wright: “The Eleusinian Mysteries of
Demeter and Persephone; the lesser were celebrated in February, the greater in September.” (Gibbon) on Julian:
“He obtained the privilege of a solemn initiation into the mysteries of Eleusis. . and such was the zeal of Julian,
that he afterwards invited the Eleusinian pontiff to the court of Gaul, for the sole purpose of consummating, by
mystic rites, (his great work) . . In the caverns of Ephesus and Eleusis, the mind of Julian was penetrated with
sincere, deep, and unalterable enthusiasm.. and while the occupations of war, of government and of study,
seemed to claim the whole measure of his time, a stated portion of the hours of the night was invariably reserved
for the exercise of private devotion.” Julian also makes an allusion to the “ribald language like a woman from a
cart”. Cave Wright sees this as a proverbial reference to the free language permitted to the women who rode in
wagons in the Eleusinian processions. (Libanius) on the Emperor Julian: “He it was who divided his life into
preoccupation for the state and devotion to the altars, associating with deities in countless initiations, mourning for
our insulted temples.. He restored the ruined temples to their places, and he restored their ritual to them and all
other.. and renewed the festivals that had fallen into abeyance.” (Gibbon, based on Zosimus’ History) on the
religious policy of the Emperor Valentinian: “But the most honourable circumstance of the character of
Valentinian, is the firm and temperate impartiality which he uniformly preserved in an age of religious contention..
he immediately admitted the petition of Proatextatus, proconsul of Achaia, who represented, that the life of the
Greeks would become dreary and comfortless, if they were deprived of the invaluable blessing of the Eleusinian
mysteries. Philosophy alone can boast (and perhaps it is no more than the boast of philosophy), that her gentle
hand is able to eradicate from the human mind the latent and deadly principle of fanaticism.” (Text cited by
Cumont) in a note by Cumont: “The wife of Pratextatus, after praising his career and talents in his epitaph, adds:
‘but these things are small: you, a pious initiate (mystes) of the holy mystery grasp arcanely the discoveries of the
mind, and manifoldly learned, you cultivate the divine numen’.” From general accounts of the Eleusinian Mysteries
(Enc. Brit.) “The person who was to be initiated in the lesser mysteries, as well as the greater, was according to
the original institution, to be a person of unblemished moral character..
“The candidate was then purified by bathing in the river Ilyssus, by aspersions with salt water or salt, with laurel,
barley, and passing through the fire: all which rites were attended with incantations and other usages..
“All these ceremonies duly performed, the candidate was carried into the hail appointed for the purpose of
initiation. There he was taught the first elements of those arcana which were afterwards to be more fully and more
clearly revealed in the more august mysteries of Eleusis. The pupils at Agrae were called Mystae, which may
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