Download 英文口說台詞 (行流一乙 4A3D0020 蔡曜安、行流一乙 4A3D0074 陳家瑋) A:Can I borrow your English book?

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(行流一乙 4A3D0020 蔡曜安、行流一乙 4A3D0074 陳家瑋)
A:Can I borrow your English book?
B:No, I don’t have English class today . You can go to ask Mary.
A:But, I don’t know Mary. How does she look?
B:She wears a blue T-shirt and short skirt today.
A:Ok, I got it. I go to borrow her English book right now.
B:By the way, She has long black hair and wears red shoes.
A:Thank you for your help. I appreciate very much.
B:You’re welcome. It is just a piece of cake.
A:Hey ,John. How have you been in university?
B:It’s so so. How about you?
A:Not good. Because I have to clean the school every day in the morning.
B:Really?We only sweep the campus once a week.
A:I really envy you. And any other advantage in your college?
B:Yeah, I think the girls in my school are good-looking.
A:Oh, do you have a girlfriend?
B:Yes, I do. She is very cute. I’ll show our photo to you later.
A:Nice to me you. I am your new room man, An.
B:Nice to me you,too. My name is John. Where is my seat?
A:It is next to the window.
B:Can I put my books on that shelf?
A:Sure, and do you know where the drinking fountain is?
B:Yes, it is beside the stairs.
A:If you have any question, feel free to ask me.
B:Thank you for your kindness. I believe we will be good friends.
A:Excuse me , how do I get to the library?
B:You can go straight and turn left at first avenue. Then, turn right on Davis street.
A:Ok. Which side will the library be on?
B:The library is on your right hand.
A:thank you, and do you know any ATM near the library?
B:Yes, the ATM is across from the library.
A:You are a nice guy.
B:It’s just piece of cake. Have a nice day.