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Lesson Title: Effects of Climate Change: Mangrove
Species Research Activity
You and your Lab Partner(s) will be asked to choose (or assigned) one of the
following organisms that calls the Florida Mangroves home.
 Mangrove tree crab
 Horseshoe crab
 Blue crab
 Grey snapper
 Mangrove water snake
 Loggerhead sea turtle
 Roseate Spoonbill
 Wood Stork
 Brown Pelican
 Bald Eagle
 Raccoon
 West Indian manatee
In this activity, you will be asked to research your organism and determine how the
harmful effects of Climate Change (Temperature, CO2 Concentrations, Changes in Salinity,
Sea Level Rise, Severe Weather: I.e. Hurricanes, Storm Surge. Etc.) on coastal mangroves
are impacting your organism.
A List of trusted sites and resources are listed below to assist as you begin your