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MiPermit - Resident Permit Scheme (Basildon
Basildon) - General Information
How to register and apply for permits with MiPermit
To register with MiPermit for the first time, please follow these steps:
Go to and select Portals at the top of the screen.
Select the portal South Essex Parking Partnership
Select Virtual Permits.
Select Basildon Borough Council.
Select either Resident Permits or Visitor Tickets
Tickets; this will then direct you to the
registration page.
You will need to provide your Council Tax account number, house number and postcode for
initial registration to verify that you are the resident of the property and to determine if the
property is included in the Resident Permit Scheme.
You only need to register an account once per person
erson .
How Resident Permits
Permits work
Permits purchased through MiPermit are virtual/electronic/paperless.
This means that nothing needs to be displayed in the vehicle; the Civil Enforcement Officers in
the Parking Enforcement Team check the permits electronically using the registration number.
Please ensure you enter the registration number correctly; for example, do not enter a zero in
place of the letter ‘O’.
If the registration number is entered incorrectly you may be issued with a Penalty Charge
If you change your vehicle or need to alter the registration number, please contact a member of
staff via the contact details overleaf.
How Visitor Tickets
Ticket s work
When logged in to the MiPermit portal, select Manage Virtual Permits,
Permits then Basildon Borough
Council and then Visitor Tickets
Ticket s.
From here, you can purchase Visitor Tickets as well as activate your purchased tickets.
To activate a ticket, enter the vehicle registration and select the ticket type and the date and
time you want the ticket to start.
By SMS (text message)
Only mobile numbers registered to the account will be able to activate Visitor Tickets by text.
You may add more than one mobile number to your account to use Visitor Tickets, i.e. friends,
family, carers, cleaners etc.
For example, to activate a Visitor Ticket for a visitor with the vehicle registration T123 EST
wishing to stay for no longer than 4 hours,
hours a text message can be sent to 60300 with the
following text:
VISITOR T123EST 4hours
P . T.O. VISITOR T123EST 4hrs
MiPermit - Resident Permit Scheme (Basildon
Basildon) - General Information
Please leave a space between the word VISITOR and the vehicle registration, and the vehicle
registration and the length of time.
The Visitor Ticket will start from the time you send the text message.
Make sure that you write the registration number without spaces and ensure it is correct (for
example, do not enter a zero in place of the letter 'O').
The length of time should also be written without spaces (for example, ‘4hours
4hours instead of ‘4
Tickets will only be valid up to midnight on the day they are used; they will not carry over into
the following day.
For all-day tickets, which run up to midnight on the day of activation, write ‘1day
Please be aware you may only activate Visitor Ticket at a time by text message.
Please also be aware that a Visitor Ticket can only be cancelled before it is due to start; once it is
activated, it cannot be cancelled.
SMS costs to 60300 may vary depending on your network provider.
Please contact your provider for more information.
By Phone
Please telephone the South Essex Parking Partnership or MiPermit (details below) and a member
of staff will ask for the registration number of the vehicle and the date and time you wish your
Visitor Ticket to start.
I have no access to online facilities! How do I apply for a permit or tickets?
Please telephone the South Essex Parking Partnership or MiPermit (details below) and a member
of staff will be able to register and activate a permit or ticket on your behalf.
Can I have paper Visitor Tickets instead?
Yes. Paper Visitor Tickets are available, but we need at least three working days’ notice to
allow enough time to process them and send them by post.
If you have not already set up a MiPermit account, you will need to provide your Council Tax
account number and debit or credit card details when using this facility.
01245 606710
[email protected]
0345 520 7007
h e l p @m i p e r mi t . c o m