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We are hiring: Are you our
new database expert with
analytical skills?
If you feel right at home in large
quantitites of data, are comfortable
with data intakes from multiple
sources, know how to scale and
perfect SQL databases, are fluent in
English and dream of a job in a fast
growing and exciting Big Data startup – come join us!
We work with databases of listener figures,
stream server logs, automatically fetched
radio playlists, predictive data and
hundreds of calculations crossing these
databases with each other.
If you get the gig, you are our main
(wo)man on the critical database areas of
our business, working in a team of 8 tech
and sales people, based primarily in
Aalborg, Denmark.
We have spread quickly through Europe
and are on the brink of becoming an
intercontinental supplier of knowledge and
analytics for radio stations within the next
few months. We dream BIG – do you?
Start: Tomorrow. We are flexible, but basically in a bit of a hurry.
Apply: Yesterday. Just a cover letter and a short CV, please.
Apply to: [email protected]