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Tribal community
I. choose the correct answer.
1. The tribal society did not follow the caste rules laid down by the
a. Brahmans
b. Kshatriyas
c. Shudras
d. Vaishyas
2. People belonging to the Khokhar tribe lived in
a. Gwalior
b. Karnataka
c. Punjab
d. Orissa
3. According to ___________ Garh Katanga was an important kingdom of that period
a. Rajatarangini
b. Humayunnama
c. Padshahnamah d. Akbarnama
4. Rani Durgavati belonged to the
a. Ahom tribe
b. Gond tribe
c. Munda tribe
d. Baluchi tribe
c. 85 villages
d. 804 villages
5. ‘Chaurasis’ were a group of
a. 84 villages
b. 24 villages
6. The Ahoms established a kingdom in the present – day state of
a. Jharkhand
b. Assam
c. Karnataka
c. Garhgaon
d. Shilling
7. The capital of the Ahoms was
a. Bhopal
b. Ranchi
8. In the _________ century the Ahoms adopted Hinduism
a. seventeenth
b. sixteenth
c. fifteenth
d. eighteenth
II. Fill in the blanks.
1.The Maravars and Vetars were tribes in_____________
2.____________was a powerful Ahom kingdom.
3.Assam was earlier known as_________
4._____________and Rudra Singh were Ahom kings.
III. Answer the following questions.(1M)
1.Who were Ahoms?
2.What was the capital of Ahoms?
3.What is meant by Chaurasis?
4.What is meant by anthropology?
5.Who are anthropologists?
6.Name the tribal groups in the East?
7.According to Akbarnama which was the most powerful kingdom in 14 th century/
8.Who was the most towering personality of the Gonds?
10.What is the other name of Jhoom cultivation?
11.What is meant by Jhoo cultivation?
12.Which city was called as Kamarupa in 13th century?
13.Who was the first Ahom king?
14.What was the capital of Ahoms?
15.Who was the most powerful ruler of Ahom?
16.Which region is known as Gondwana.
17.Why did Akbar decided to invade Garh Katanga?
18.Name the main tribal groups in the south?
19.In western India what were the main tribal groups?
20.What are the occupations of tribal societies?
IV Answer the following questions.(2M)
1.Who was Rani Durgavati? How she resisted Akbar?
2.How was a caste based society different from a tribal society?
3.What do you know about the life of the nomadic tribal groups?
4.How did the tribal societies change their nature with time?
5.Who were Ahoms? Where was their original homeland?
V. Answer the following questions.(4M)
1.Why do we know so little about the tribal societies of the medieval period?
2.List some tribal groups of this period. What occupations were they engaged in?
3.Discuss the administration set-up of the Gonds.
4.Write short notes on – Rani Durgavati, Banjaras, Life in an Ahom village.
5.Why was Akbar keen on making Rani Durgavati a vassal of the Mughal Empire?
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Linda Moon Stumpff 2/13/2010 1