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Eastern vs. Western Church
Great Schism
• 1054 a.d.- a schism or split between eastern
and western Christianity
• Eastern Christianity became the Greek
• Western Christianity became the Roman
Catholic Church
Eastern Church
• Centered in Constantinople
• Close to seat of power after Constantinople
became capital
• Use of Greek language in the liturgy
• No use of icons
• “Patriarch” is leader of the Greek Orthodox
faith (appointed by Byzantine emperor)
Western Church
• Centered in Rome
• Farther from seat of power after
Constantinople became capital
• Use of Latin language in the liturgy
• Use of icons in prayer and practice
• “Pope” is the head of the church (all
Division between Western and
Eastern Churches
• Authority of the Pope eventually accepted in
the West
• Authority of the Patriarch accepted in the East
• Practices such as celibacy (for priests)
eventually accepted in the West
• What factors produced the division within the
Christian Church?
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