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Teachers: Mrs. Dagenhart
& Mrs. Mayo
Date: October 2, 2015
A Glance at Next Week…
Theme ~ Community Helpers
Letter ~ We will focus on Dippy
Duck (Dd) and Harry Hat Man
(Hh). Check out this website for
fun online games.
Sight Words ~ please help your
child learn 2 new sight words from
their list. End of quarter goal is
18 sight words.
Writing ~ We will be writing about
what community helpers do.
Math ~ number sense, counting by
1’s and 10’s, and shapes.
Social Studies ~ Community
10-18 Weston
Upcoming Events
10/9 PTO Fun Run 8:25-9:05
at middle school in grass by garden
10/21 Early Release Day
10/27 First Field Trip to Lazy 5
Please send in permission form and
payment if you have not yet.
Notes and Reminders
Calling all Community Helpers! ~ If
you are available to come in to talk
to our class about your career and
share how you help the community,
please let me know! 
Homework~. Raz Kids at least 20
min. 2-3 days each week. Work on
sight words regularly. Goal is 18
words by end of first quarter.
Lunch Money~ Please put your
child’s lunch number on the
envelope. All checks must have
phone number.
Raz-Kids~ I would like your child
to read at least 20 minutes 2-3
days every week. Please let me know
if you do not have internet access
so we can make other arrangements.