Download Одежда для любого времени года».

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Конспект урока английского языка в 3 классе.
Тема урока: Совершенствование употребления речевых структур по теме
«Одежда для любого времени года».
Цель урока: Развитие и закрепление умений в устной речи по теме «Одежда
для любого времени года».
Обучающие: Повторить лексические единицы и речевые конструкции
по указанной теме
Развивать фонетические и лексические навыки
Развивающие: Развивать умения строить самостоятельные устные
высказывания на основе первичного усвоения учебного материала,
логическое мышление.
Воспитательные: Воспитывать чувство уважения к собеседнику,
индивидуальную культуру общения.
Ход урока:
1 Орг. Момент
- Good morning!
- …….
- How are you?
- ………
- I’m fine? Thank you.
- Who is on duty?
Дежурный называет число, день недели и рассказывает о погоде.
- Open your copybooks and write down the date.
- Put your pens on your desk.
2 Мотивационный
- Look at me, please. I have this wonderful bag and something in it. Do you
want to know what it is? Try to guess. Listen to me, please.
- When it is cold we wear them on our hands.(mittens)
- When it is sunny we wear it on a head.(a cap)
- When it is warm we wear them on our feet.(shoes)
- Well done.
-And what are these?(clothes)- Yes, good.
Today we continue talking about clothes.
3 Актуализация знаний и снятие языковых трудностей
- Look at the blackboard. What can you see? Name these things and divide them
into two groups: singular and plural.
-Who can say what these letters mean?
(A – an article for singular words -s – for plural words)
На доске изображения одежды.
Надо назвать ее, предварительно разделив предметы одежды на две группы –
слова, употребляемые в единственном числе и во множественном. Учащиеся
выходят к доске по одному.
- I know you have got your pictures. Who has got any more pictures? Come to the
blackboard and stick them.
Учащиеся добавляют к получившимся группам свои рисунки.
- So many clothes!
- Why do we have so many clothes? Can you answer?
4.Систематизация полученных знаний
(In different seasons people wear different clothes).
- And I wonder what seasons do you know?
- These pictures can help you.
- What is it? (winter, summer, spring/autumn)
- Repeat all together.
- Now we are going to make up stories about seasons and clothes. First let’s
work in groups. …, … and … do the task together.
- Take one picture.
- Now you need name the season, say what the weather is like in your season,
and what you wear. You may go to the blackboard take the pictures you
- Is it clear?
- You have 3 minutes.
Три группы учащихся получают карточку с временем года (winter, summer,
spring/autumn). Надо подготовить ответы на вопросы:
-What is the weather like in winter (summer, spring/autumn)?
- What do you wear in winter, summer, spring/autumn?
и выбрать изображение одежды.
- Are you ready?
- Who is the first? You are welcome.
- Who is the next?
(Well done. Good.)
- Now I’m sure, you will never wear sandals in winter. Let us see. Take the card.
Работа по карточкам.
- And read sentences. You should choose the right word in each sentence and
underline it. Is it clear? You have 2 minutes.
Choose the right word.
When it is cold we wear (boots/sandals).
When it is hot we wear (shorts/trousers).
When it is warm we wear (a T-shirt/a jacket).
When it is rainy we wear (a shirt/a raincoat).
When it is windy we wear (a tie/a scarf).
- Who is ready? Put your pens on the desk.
- Let’s check. Read and translate. (Well done. Good. Nice)
5 Проверка домашнего задания
- We have clothes for different seasons and where do we buy our clothes? (at the
- Let’s check your home task. Act out the dialogue.
Инсценировка диалога At the shop. (about shoes/dress/jeans)
- Great. And don’t forget to buy right clothes for right weather.
- You work hard and now we can have fun.
- Stand up boys and girls opposite the boys.
- Ask and answer.
Мальчики – девочки, вопрос – ответ.
- What do you wear on your head? (a hat/a cap)
- What do you wear on your feet? (shoes/boots)
- What do you wear on your hands?
6 Закрепление
-My dear friends, now we are going to listen to the song about clothes and try to
sing it. But first while you are listening this song try to answer the question:
Whose clothes are these?
- kittens’.
- Good.
Восстановление текста с опорой на наглядность.
- Now look at the screen and say what clothes kittens have got. These pictures will
help you.
- Open your books on page 44, ex. 7. Listen and repeat.
7 Информация о домашнем задании
At home learn this song by heart. And write 4 sentences about your favourite
clothes in different seasons .