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To Our Spencer Loomis Families:
SL Student Council is sponsoring a “Spirit Week”
next week for our part of LZ95’s “Charity Bash”!
We’re asking all students to donate $1 to participate in
a day’s activity OR donate $5 (or more!) for the whole
week. Check out what we have planned:
Monday, 2/24 – Pajama Day
Tuesday, 2/25 – Hat Day
Wednesday, 2/26 – Mismatch Clash Day
Thursday, 2/27 – Crazy Hair Day
Friday, 2/28 – Show Your Spencer Loomis Spirit Day
All proceeds benefit the 2014 Special Olympics.
~ Our fundraising goal is $2014 ~
A fundraising thermometer that will track our
progress will be on display in the center stairwell
(near the elevator). The class that raises the most
money will be recognized by Student Council!
Here’s hoping we can really blow the top off
that stairwell thermometer, Mustangs!
Thank you, as always, for your generosity!
~ Mrs. Bergstrom & Mrs. Delzell ~
Spencer Loomis Student Council Sponsors