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Hist 102 HS ITV
Progressivism to Shadow of War
Test II Essays
Please answer two of the following questions with answers of one to two paragraphs or
15-20 sentences:
In the view of the progressives, what was wrong with American society? What
positive solutions did they propose to address social problems? Be specific. (28)
What were the results of Wilson’s great reform assault on the “triple wall of
privilege”---the tariff, the banks, and the trusts? (29)
What caused U.S. entry into WWI, how did Wilson turn the war into an
ideological crusade? (29)
How and why did America turn toward domestic isolation and social
conservatism in the 1920s? (30)
Explain the Great Crash of 1929 and causes of the Great Depression. How did
both impact Americans and their families? (31)
How did the early New Deal legislation attempt to achieve the three goals of
relief, recovery, and reform? (32)
How did FDR manage to move the United States toward providing effective aid
to Britain while slowly undercutting isolationist opposition? (33)