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The MUMPS Data Extractor™ Increases Efficiency at Veterans Administration Hospitals
WESTBORO, Mass., Oct. 11, 1999 - Data General today announced the MUMPS Data
Extractor (MDE)™, a data migration product that helps users of the proprietary MUMPS
computer language convert important data to SQL Sever 7.0. The MDE dynamically moves data
from the MUMPS based FileMan system to any SQL Server 7.0 based data mart, data warehouse
or replication database, enabling users to access and use critical patient and financial data. The
MDE was developed by Strategic Reporting Systems, Inc. as part of a technology alliance with
Data General.
In an early implementation of the MDE, Data General and Strategic Reporting Systems
are helping the Veterans Administration Central Iowa Health Care System migrate MUMPS data
from its VISTA application to SQL Server 7.0 on Data General AViiON® NT Servers, so that
users can use tools like ReportSmith and Microsoft Visual Basic for searching and reporting
important patient information.
With the MDE, users can create and distribute information in a far more timely manner
throughout the enterprise, using commonly available reporting tools, such as the award-winning
ReportSmith, that work with the Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 database. For example, the Veterans
Administration Hospital will now be able to access “live” data and produce reports within 10
minutes, a process that previously took up to three weeks to complete.
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“This product enables us to respond to the needs of our patients, management, and
organization better than any other product I’ve evaluated,” said Jim E. Presley, Chief Information
Officer at the Veterans Administration Central Iowa Health Care System. “In our first experience
with the MDE it took us only minutes to move an entire prescription file to an SQL database, and
access lab data to see what costs existed in certain areas. We also quickly moved our entire
patient database, sorted by county, and received information on where our patients come from,
their age, and primary diagnosis. The MDE is usable right out of the box and provides the
pathway from MUMPS to Microsoft, so we can do our jobs better, faster, smarter, and more
“We saw a need in the Veterans Administration Hospitals to access financial and
clinical data within the VISTA application,” explains Michael J. Sutkowski, general manager of
Data General’s US Healthcare Division. “SQL Server 7.0 was our choice of database because it
affords the user community the breadth and depth of tools needed to allow them to move data
quickly and easily and move it throughout the enterprise.”
"Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0 is the ideal database for generating healthcare reports and
running analytical queries," said Rich Noffsinger, worldwide healthcare group manager at
Microsoft. "Data General's use of SQL Server 7.0 will give MUMPS-based application users
such as VISTA the ability to quickly retrieve large quantities of data and produce reports within
hours that previously took weeks. SQL Server 7.0 in combination with Data General's hardware
and Strategic Reporting Systems’ MDE, will enable healthcare organizations with MUMPSbased applications to better respond to the needs of their patients by providing faster access to
critical information at a lower total cost of ownership."
"With the MDE, the Veterans Administration now has a complete solution to reach into
its rich MUMPS data repository, extract that data, and use it to produce results that benefit every
layer of the Veterans Administration organization,” said David Lenhart, vice president and
general manager of Strategic Reporting Systems.
The MDE can be used directly on the client for interactive "quick" data retrieval by the
user. For larger jobs, from the server, the MDE has the capability to move large amounts of data
into a Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 database, for quality control, performance-based management,
or even data backup. The MDE is slated for general availability on November 15, 1999.
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About Strategic Reporting Systems
Strategic Reporting Systems, Inc. is the developer of the MUMPS Data Extractor
(MDE)™ and the award-winning ReportSmith®, which has been a leading Windows based
query and reporting software application since its release in 1992. ReportSmith is a powerful
visual database reporting and query tool, and provides a streamlined approach to creating reports
using database files and tables. Used by more than 50% of U.S. Fortune 500 Companies and
over one million users worldwide, Strategic Reporting Systems has all of the client services
available necessary for the successful installation and support of its products.
Data General’s Expertise in Healthcare and Information Technology
For the past 20 years, Data General has been a leader in providing high-technology
enterprise solutions to the healthcare industry, with solutions currently in use at more than 3500
hospitals worldwide. Data General’s Worldwide Healthcare Division currently generates $260M
a year in revenues from its strategic alliances with leading HIS vendors, as well as four
specialized initiatives. The company’s healthcare solutions include:
Imaging solutions for radiology, medical records and business office departments
Internet/intranet solutions customized for the healthcare environment
Wireless Point-of-Care Solutions - devices, implementation service and support
IT infrastructure solutions for the healthcare enterprise
Additional information on Data General’s healthcare solutions is available at
About Data General
Data General Corporation (NYSE:DGN), based in Westboro, Mass., is a major supplier
of storage and enterprise computing solutions for customers worldwide. The company’s products
include CLARiiON® Fibre Channel storage systems, high-end NT and UNIX AViiON servers,
and related software and services. The company reported fiscal 1998 revenues of $1.5 billion.
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