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Real Estate Marketing Specialist Job Description
The Marketing Specialist is both creative in nature and a builder. This person thrives under pressure and has the
ability to change quickly with a market shift. The Marketing Specialist is driven by results and displays excitement
and passion about a well-received message. He/she understands that it will be more about team results than just
what he/she can do. The Marketing Specialist is very technologically capable, yet creative. This person will be able
to quickly identify with his/her audience what message and product will appeal to that audience. The Marketing
Specialist will be focused on results based on creating a plan and follow through while measuring ROI. The
Marketing Specialist will play a key role in budgets and projections while being responsible for helping grow the
business through marketing initiatives and programs to generate leads, referrals and talent that reflect a validated
Work directly with Team Owners and EA to create marketing management systems.
Monitor and maintain database growth through leads and referrals resulting from marketing.
Tracking and measurement of all marketing and ROI.
Creation and implementation of content calendar, social media updates and email campaigns.
Online relationship building and engagement on social media platforms and website.
Show property that will be utilized for residential purposes only.
Brand management on social media, website, and printed materials including creation and production of
advertising specialties and signs.
Oversee and manage all special events including client appreciation and client welcome home parties.
Management of marketing calendar including creation and production of farming materials, popbys, and other
direct mail campaigns.
Strong writing and communication skills, both with creating marketing content/presentations, and marketing
tools for agents, as well as with day-to-day communication.
Collaborative attitude. Adept at building internal relationships/dialogue to help facilitate process, as well as
generate the ‘right’ result. This includes working with team on development marketing materials.
Adept with software programs, specifically Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Creative Suite with skills in
PowerPoint, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, including the ability to create/modify infographics,
manipulate photos and vector graphics, and develop marketing materials quickly.
Can think strategically and be proactive with ideas/opportunities. It also requires the ability to solve problems
in situations involving several options.
Strong attention to detail and organizational skills including the ability to develop and organize a library of
reference materials, and proofreading/editing capabilities.
Energetic, enthusiastic and people-oriented. Enjoys working with different personalities and can
adapt/accommodate to others working styles while achieving goals and objectives of projects and deliverables.
Service-oriented and responsive. Works well under deadlines. Can employ personal time management to
prioritize projects and get work completed.
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer