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June 21, 2016
FAA releases small UAS rule
AUVSI (6/21/2016)
More than a year in the making, the
Federal Aviation Administration has
finally released its new small UAS
rule. The rule will take effect in late
August after a 60-day comment
period after it is posted to the
Federal Register. The FAA
estimates the out-of-pocket cost for
an individual to become a certified
remote pilot with a small UAS rating
would be $150, less than any other
airman certification that allows for
non-recreational operations in the
national airspace.
Obama's drone revamp gives military bigger responsibility, keeps CIA
role (registration required)
The Wall Street Journal (6/16/2016) Entous, Adam and Lubold, Gordon
A new White House plan will keep
the U.S. drone program housed in
the CIA, but puts the Joint Special
Operations Command in control of
most conflict areas.
IBM Watson jumps into autonomous vehicles with driverless shuttle
TechRepublic (6/16/2016) Forrest, Conner
IBM has partnered with Local Motors
to use Watson as the cognitive
computing system to an autonomous
vehicle, similar to a miniature bus,
called Olli.
Columbus wins $50M grant to create driverless car hub
WOSU (6/21/2016) Smith, Marilyn
Columbus, Ohio, has won the Smart City challenge, which includes a $50 million grant from the
Department of Transportation and Vulcan to allow the city to build a test area for intelligent
transportation systems, including autonomous vehicles.
Elon Musk's nonprofit OpenAI wants to build a household robot and AI
International Business Times (6/21/2016) Mascarenhas, Hyacinth
OpenAI, Elon Musk's $1 billion artificial intelligence nonprofit, announced that one of its first goals is
to create a household robot using a current off-the-shelf robot refined to perform domestic tasks.
Leica Geosystems, Milrem partner to develop unmanned ground
Successful Farming (6/20/2016) Bedord, Laurie
Milrem, maker of the Multiscope UGV, and Leica, which makes the Pegasus:Two mobile mapping
sensor, have partnered to make an unmanned ground vehicle suited for agriculture that can survey
difficult terrain in real time. The robot is called the Pegasus:Multiscope.
National Geographic: Rangers use artificial intelligence to fight poachers
Increasing Human Potential (6/21/2016)
A newly developed artificial intelligence platform is taking data about previous poaching activities
to suggest patrol routes to possible catch future poachers.
Small UAS Rule: resources and White House call to stakeholders
AUVSI Advocacy (6/21/2016 )
"Today's release of the final small UAS rule by the FAA is a critical milestone in the integration
process, and a long-awaited victory for American businesses and innovators," said AUVSI
President and CEO Brian Wynne. "It establishes a clear regulatory framework and helps to reduce
many barriers to civil and commercial operations, allowing anyone who follows the rules to fly in the
national airspace."
To learn more about the rules and what it means for the UAS industry, check out the resources
below from the FAA and White House. In addition to this valueable information, the White House
has put out a national call for "new, specific, and measurable steps" that UAS stakeholders around
the country "will take to support positive applications of unmanned aircraft systems technology."
Whether you are an educational insitution, research organization, private or nonprofit company, the
White House wants to hear from you.
Federal Aviation Administration:
DOT and FAA Finalize Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Summary of Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule (Part 107)
Small UAS Advisory Circular – How to Use the Rule
Complete Text of Small UAS Rule
The White House:
FACT SHEET: Enabling a New Generation of Aviation Technology
"Growing the Economy through Innovation: New Rules for the Commercial and Scientific
Use of Drones" (White House Blog)
Dr one Information Day at the California Capitol
AUVSI Advocacy (6/16/2016 )
AUVSI's Silicon Valley Chapter hosted Drone Information Day last week at the California state
capitol in Sacramento. It was an opportunity for members of the chapter to meet with state
legislators and staff to educate them on the safety and vast commercial applications of unmanned
aircraft systems, and the social and economic value the industry brings to California.
Sponsored by Amazon Prime Air and DJI, the event included UAS flying inside netting on the
capitol lawn to demonstrate the safety and capability of the technology. There were also industry
exhibits showcasing the hardware and software that powers UAS innovations. More than 20
members from the chapter and representatives from AUVSI-member companies met with
legislators to discuss the industry's anticipated effect on the state's economy, its labor force and its
intellectual capital.
According to an AUVSI study, California is predicted to be the top state to see gains in terms of job
creation and additional revenue as production of UAS increase. The study forecasts that more than
12,000 jobs will be created in three years following integration of UAS into the airspace, and over
$14 billion in economic impact created in the first decade.
July 18, 2016
Hilton San Francisco Union Square
San Francisco
AUVSI's Startup Connection: New speakers added
Don't miss AUVSI's Startup Connection, where you will hear from leading investors who are
making deals in the unmanned systems industry. New speakers have been added, including Kate
McAndrew, an investor at Bolt, a venture capital fund that invests in companies at their earliest
stages. She joins Mike Abbott, general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers; David Austin,
general manager of startup programs at PCH; Gareth Keane, investment manager at Qualcomm
Ventures; Rick Clonan, vice president, innovation and entrepreneurship at CenterState CEO; and
Jesse Clayton, product manager for autonomous machines at NVIDIA.
View the program for the latest speakers and full agenda.
RoboNation's summer competitions kick off
Each year the AUVSI Foundation's RoboNation offers a series of educational
programs and robotics competitions that allow students to apply their STEM
education outside the classroom. In the past 2 weeks, the Intelligent Ground
Vehicle Competition (IGVC) and the Student Unmanned Air Systems (SUAS)
competition took place.
The IGVC competition featured robots designed and constructed by engineering
students to perform tasks in four key events: the Auto-Nav Challenge
(Advanced and Basic courses), Design Competition, and Interoperability Profile
(IOP) Joint Architecture Unmanned Systems (JAUS) Challenge.
The SUAS competition focuses on engaging undergraduate students in a
challenging mission requiring the design, fabrication and demonstration of a
system capable of completing specific aerial operations autonomously, and
performing several additional tasks involving autopilot and sensor integration,
target acquisition and identification, RF communications, actionable intelligence,
airborne delivery, and National Airspace integration with new interoperability
and Sense, Detect and Avoid tasks.
To learn more about these events and to view the winners from the 2016
competition, visit
Test and Evaluation/Science and Technology (T&E/S&T) Program Industry/Academia Days
Solicitation Number: W900KK-TRMC-2016-IndustryAcademiaDay
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC - Orlando (W900KK)
Posted Date: June 20, 2016
Army Science Board Request for Information on Robotic and Autonomous Systems-of-Systems (RAS)
Technology Initiatives
The Department of the Army requests industry information on products, science and technology (S&T)
research, operational concepts, and mission support innovations to support Army RAS competencies.
Posted Date: May 16, 2016
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