Download Leptospirosis Ict.-Hae.Nosode-zoonosis, bacteria

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All of these nosodes are found in the info section of the library and are scattered
throughout. Next to them is the folder you will find them in to build a custom library. Infohomeopathy-nosodes, you will find most of the lists and also Info-zoonosis.
Babesia bigemina-parasites
Bebisia canis
Babesai microti
Borrelia burgdorferi-infectious agent of lyme-bacteria
Cat virus-bartonella henselae-zoonosis, virus
Ehrlichis sennetsu-bacteria
Francisella (pasteurella) tularensis-bacteria
Leptospirosis Ict.-Hae.Nosode-zoonosis, bacteria
Pasteurellose nosode-bacteria
Rickettsia burnetti-bacteria
Rickettsia prowazeki
Rickettsia rickettsii
Tularemia- disease
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