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of setting. Replicating a particular style may be less important, but may be appropriate. New work
should not dominate the original asset
British Standard 7913:1998 – Guide to the Principles of the Conservation of Historic
Paras 7.4.3 & 7.4.4
Various – see history card on file - Relevant to this application:
DA/2007/0298 - Listed Building Consent to replace flat roof with pitched roof to bathroom and
formation of additional bathroom, replace flat roof with pitched roof to utility room and insert
rooflights to kitchen (REFUSED)
Crystal House is listed at Grade II and occupies a prominent position in the centre of West Haddon.
It is also within the setting of a number of other listed buildings – not least All Saints’ Church
(Grade I). As such this is a sensitive location, and due regard needs to be paid both to the impact of
any development on this house and the wider street scene.
The listed description notes this is a brick house with ashlar dressings and plinth under a slate roof
thought to have been built in the late-17thC. It has two-storeys with attics and cellars. The ground
floor was re-fronted in the late 18thC. The road front is characterised by formal sash windows and
the door, which is 20thC is to the right of centre. To the rear there are various 20thC extensions
which cover the right-hand side of the building. These have been added on piecemeal creating a
two-storey flat-roofed extension with single-storey lean-to to the rear and a single-storey flat-roofed
annexe to the left of these. Internally the main house has a single-room depth and the description
details the fielded panelling and fireplace surround in the room to the right of the entrance, and the
early 18thC dog-leg staircase.
This application proposes the replacement/enlarging of the existing extensions: the two storey
element, and the attached lean-to are, for the most part, retained, with the single-storey flat-roofed
part replaced with a longer ‘cloister-style’ duel-pitched extension which reaches the end of the
Most of the proposed development site is concealed from the street – but there would be views of
the side of the proposed new extension through the driveway between Crystal House and No. 5,
Station Road.
Existing Extensions.
The existing extensions do not make a particular contribution to the character and appearance of the
listed building, and some elements (e.g. the arched window) are especially out-of-keeping. There
would be scope for more minor alterations to improve their overall appearance. That said they are,
for the most part, honest, can be read as clearly distinct from the main building, and cannot be seen
from the street-scene. Any substantial increase in size, however, would compound the harm.
Proposed Scheme
By virtue of the size of this extension, and the combined effect with the existing annexes, the design
(including plan), and the use of materials – particularly the large areas of glass it is considered the