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Cultural Presentation
No. 2
Herbal Remedies as Alternative
Medicine(name of herbal remedy in Spanish
and English)
Overview Presentation No. 2
You may use this presentation
as a template. Please
download the file and replace
its contents with your
researched information and
any relevant photos or web
links. The following slide will
provide you with specific
instructions for your research.
Please upload your
presentation to the D2L
Dropbox “Presentación
Cultural: Medicina alternativa”
before the specified due date.
This assignment aims to guide
students in researching the the
usage, benefits, and potential
side-effects of over the
counter herbal remedies
commonly used by Hispanic
patients. As Dr. Ortega
reminds the reader (p. 60-61)
the physician should ask
patients about their use of
these medications.
Methods/ Instructions
1. Students will read the article "Use of Herbal Remedies by Hispanic
Patients" (available in pdf form on the homework blog) and prepare
2 thought provoking discussion questions for the class (slide 1).
2. Students should select a related article from the list of references (p.
577-78) and provide a summary and qualification of its usefulness to
potential readers on the topic (slide 2).
3. Students will sign up to present on a specific herbal remedy via
4. Using the information presented on p. 60-61, the assigned article,
and the related reading material, students will use this template as a
framework for their presentation to be given in class on the specified
1. Discussion Questions
After reading the article "Use of Herbal Remedies by
Hispanic Patients” (Howell, Kochbar, et al), prepare 2
discussion questions for the class and include them on
this slide.
Please make sure that your questions are thought provoking
and contribute to our discussion about how the
information presented in the article may be applied in
Please do not use:
1. Content questions with an answer provided in the article.
2. Yes/ no questions or questions that have a simple
2. Related Reading
Article #1
Select a related article from the
assigned article’s bibliography
(p. 577-78) and prepare a
summary of its content as well
as comments regarding its
usefulness to readers
interested in the topic.
On this slide, please cite the
article (author, title, journal
name, date, etc.) and include
your summary of its content
and other comments on its
usefulness to readers
interested in the topic.
Article #2
(English and Spanish)
Outline information about the usage of this herbal remedy
on this slide
1. What is this herb used for?
2. Does it treat an ailment or promote wellness?
3. How is it traditionally consumed? Is it available in the
United States in that form &/or as supplements/
4. Does it have any side-effects?
5. Is it commonly used among Hispanic patients? Are
these patients from specific countries? Which ones?
6. Include any other comments/ information about the
traditions and culture associated with this herb
4. Strategy
On this slide, you will present sample questions to solicit
information from your patient about their use of herbal
remedies in general and outline recommendations
specific to the medication you have researched. Include:
1. a strategy for asking patients about their use of
supplemental herbal remedies
2. advice/ recommendations for patients using the
medication featured in your presentation