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ci is the literature of singing
ci is emotional literature
ci becomes musical literature
The literary and artistic component of ci is
truth and beauty.
1. The rhythm of bird chirps and ripples
2. The setting sun and fallen leaves
3. One autumn night and the bright moon
4. A wild goose flies and a lonely castle
5. The desolate mountains and the river
6. Cicada buzzing in a misty autumn night
7. A person on the tower under the setting sun
8. Dawn
9. The old boulevard and the setting sun
10. Mist and clouds
11. Fierce waves and the cry of a solitary wild goose
12. Fallen flowers and flowing water
13. The frightened geese on the shore fly away
14. The rainbow and the cicadas
15. Fine rain and cuckoos crying
16. The moon emerging from the clouds
17. The moonlight on the swing
18. The green mountains and flowing water
19. The autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves
20. Red flowers falling
21. The yard on the suburban plain
22. Weeping willows and dancing catkins
23. Red apricot flowers and spring in the air
24. Spring wind and spring grass
25. A strong wind blowing over the bamboo forest
26. Egrets above the river
27. The sound of Chinese parasol tree leaves falling by the well
28. Willow trees and willow leaves
29. Beautiful flowers on trees and a house under trees
30. Fish leaping above the water under the moonlight
31. A half-moon hung above trees
32. Shadows of pagoda trees
33. The red sun and green waves
34. A bright moon is rising from the surface of sea
35. A gentle wind and green smoke shrouding willow trees
36. The desert and countless mountains
37. Light clouds and bugle calls
38. The sky clearing up with swallows flying
39. Flocks of swallows soaring
40. Red leaves falling on green grassland
41. Clouds above the riverbank
42. Fragrant flowers on the riverbank
43. Crows resting under willow leaves
44. Flying swallows' shadows under the setting sun on the
water surface
45. The hazy moon and drifting clouds
46. Cricket cries under the setting sun
47. Graceful red flowers blown off by the wind in the rain
48. Flourishing woods and a river
49. Long tree shadows under the shining moon
50. Catkins blown in the wind
51. The shadow of a leaf dancing under the setting sun
52. Green willow branches kissing the water surface
53. Rain falling on empty stairs
54. Cloth moistened by the dew in the cold night
55. The sound of wind and clops in a moonlit night
56. The sound of green bamboos waving in the wind
57. Willow trees shrouded in mist in the evening
58. The red sunlight shining on a corner of the castle
59. Dark mist shrouding at dawn
60. Fallen flowers flying in the wind