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Chapter 11
Love Songs
Music Appreciation
Mrs. Turski
• Create 3 power point slides on each basic
message of a love song
– Lost love, longing for love, celebration of love
• Find three songs with the artist from each
basic message
• Explain why you chose each song!
• Insert the song into your power point
• Make it pretty!
GOOGLE.COM search engine
Chapter 11 notes
Windows Media Player or MP3 player
Your imagination!
Example of Lost Love
• “How do I live” by LeAnn Rimes
• The song is explaining to another how
they can’t live without them. They can’t
breathe and they can’t survive because
their significant other can’t be there with
• Lyrics
Example of Celebration of Love
• “God only Knows” by the Beach Boys
• God is the only one who will know what he
would be without his significant other. Then
explaining that if she ever left, the world will still
be spinning but the world would be nothing.
• Lyrics
Example of Longing for love
• “Paper Bag” by Fiona Apple
• This woman is a mess without him. Everyday, she
keeps looking for something to live for and keeps going
back to him.
• Lyrics