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Input Section
10KOhm, electronically balanced
Through Gain
0dB standard. Optional +10dB to order
Input Filters
24dB/oct 30Hz subsonic filter. Optional 15Hz to order.
18dB/oct 26kHz ultrasonic filter
Input Connector
XLR3-31 or equivalent. Wired as pin 1 o/c, pin 2 cold, pin 3 hot
Output Section
Unbalanced, 50 milliohm current limited source to drive 600 ohm load.
Max Output Level
Output Connector
XLR3-32 or equivalent. Wired as pin1 earth, pin 2 earth, pin 3 hot.
Crossover Filter
24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley as standard.
Options include any 12,18 or 24dB/octave filter type with user
specified frequencies preset by plug-in frequency cards.
Continuously adjustable 0-180 deg. at corner frequency. Additional
180 degree using the polarity switch.
Limiter Range
0.5db steps -10dBv to -5dBv to -11dBv by changing barrier strip link.
System Performance
-85dBm 20Hz -20kHz unweighted.
less than 0.05%THD up to +20dBm limiter cancelled.
Typically 0.005% THD +6dB output.
Insertion Points
Channel sends. Output impedance 100 Ohm. Max load 10K Ohm at
Band returns. Input impedance 10KOhm. Max level +20dBv
Electrical Supply
Switched 110-220V +10%-20% at 50/60Hz. Power supply is designed
with extended low-voltage tolerance to meet road show requirements.
482 x 44 x 228mm (19in x 1¾in x 9ins) overall.
4.5kg packed.
Output Balancing
A separate output balancing unit is available providing full transformer
balanced and floating output sends to drive 600 ohm loads. These
custom made transformers allow excellent high current and voltage
drive signals that are required when using long multiway signal cables.
Security Panel
For applications requiring a recessed and blank front panel unit a
security cover kit is available which converts the standard FDS360 into
a fully tamper-proof rack mounting unit. All front panel controls are
hidden behind the blank steel panel.
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