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23. The primary goal of manifest destiny was the
a. abolition of slavery in territories held by the United States
b. removal of European influence from South America
c. expansion of the United States westward to the Pacific Ocean
d. secession of the Southern States from the Union
Base your answers to questions 24-25 on the circle graph.
24. At which job did most Americans work in 1840?
a. farming
c. trading
b. manufacturing
d. shipping
25. Based on the circle graph, which statement is most accurate?
a. Manufacturing was the major occupation in the South.
b. In the North, most people were employed in trading.
c. Occupations such as shipping and craftsmanship dominated the South.
d. A larger percentage of people worked in manufacturing in the North than in the South
or West.
26. ________________ brought English textile machinery
designs to the U.S.A.
a. Eli Whitney
b. Samuel Slater
c. John Adams
d. Thomas Jefferson