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a. increased trade through New York City c. Dutch patroon system collapsed
b. New York State faced financial ruin
d. elimination of cities along the canal route
17. In an outline, one of these is the main topic. The others are sub-topics. Which is the
main topic?
a. Building of the Erie Canal
b. Opening of Turnpikes
c. Invention of the Steamboat
d. Transportation Revolution
18. A major reason for issuing the Monroe Doctrine was to
a. halt the slave trade from Africa to the United States
b. prevent European involvement in the Western Hemisphere
c. keep the United States from going to war with Mexico
d. protect American sailors on the high seas
19. Which of the following was an important advance in the technology of transportation
was created in 1807, cutting the cost of transporting materials between the eastern and
western waterways?
a. railroad
b. steamboat
c. automobile
d. airplane
20. Improved transportation through turnpikes and canals, in the early 19th century,
greatly increased the flow of settlers into which section of the
a. southern
b. eastern
c. western
d. northern
21. During the 1840s and 1850s, many Americans began to move from
a. cities to farms
b. small towns to the wilderness
c. farms to cities
d. the wilderness to small towns
22. Who developed the first American factory?
a. Eli Whitney
b. Samuel Slater
c. Francis Lowell
d. Robert Fulton