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Job Title: Director of Marketing and Communications
Miami Country Day School, an independent, college preparatory school for grades PK3-12, has an opening for
a full-time position as the Marketing and Communications Director. As a member of the Communications
Team, this person will report directly to the Director of Development and responsibilities will overlap with
Development, Admissions and Auxiliary Programs.
Essential Functions and Tasks:
 Create a strategic marketing culture throughout the school, partnering with key “clients” such as
admissions, alumni, fundraising, academics, athletics, the arts, and, auxiliary programs.
 Create, manage, and position a marketing “services hub” model to support, align, and
direct/influence/empower marketing strategies across the school community.
 Craft and drive a multi-year marketing communications strategy that supports institutional priorities and
core mission.
 Serve as lead brand manager, including driving brand consistency and evaluating brand effectiveness.
 Serve as lead content director for all media channels.
 Shape and direct social media strategy by driving innovation, evaluating effectiveness, and participating in
 Participate as a member of the Communications Team to ensure clear direction and execution of
communications and marketing objectives.
 Advise the Leadership Group on overarching marketing and communication strategies school-wide.
Leadership Group includes the Head of School, COO, Dean of Faculty, Lower, Middle & Upper School
Division Directors, CIO, Admissions Director, Director of Development.
 Serve as liaison for the Institutional Advancement Committee, which is an Ad-Hoc Committee of the
Board of Trustees.
 Create, manage, and help conduct public relations, strategic media, and advertising strategies.
 Advise on crisis communication strategy, planning and implementation.
 Collaborate with Information Technology Services on web platform, technologies and tools.
 Track national trends and best practices, including leading innovation of media channels.
 Evaluate and analyze marketing, communications, social media, and branding results in relation to external
and internal audiences to ensure maximum impact.
 Conduct regular monitoring of Country Day’s external reputation.
 Develop, pilot, test, and evaluate new electronic media projects and tools.
 Develop and manage a coordinated program of community outreach based on existing events such as the
Community Learning Partnership, Walk for Cancer, School Service Days, etc. to drive external
community attendance and event PR
 Serve as the lead strategist to build and manage a rich content/editorial calendar that attracts a qualified
audience to our owned properties.
 Direct the strategic approach to increase inquiries (new leads), including marketing-qualified leads, by
converting site traffic through calls-to-action, landing pages, and lead generation content.
Last updated: 5/12/17
Optimize our marketing automation and lead nurturing processes through email, content, and social
Establish closed-loop analytics with admissions to understand how our inbound marketing activity turns
into customers, and continually refine our process to convert customers.
Track, measure, and analyze all initiatives to report on social media ROI.
Content Marketing manager
o Collaborate with designers, product marketers, sales professionals, and external influencers and
industry experts to produce relevant content that meets the needs of both key stakeholders and our
o Manage both on-page SEO and off-page SEO for the company.
o Collaborate with the Communications Director on content marketing and blog contributors to
create high-quality content around important, relevant terms.
o Manage and improve organic search engine performance and goal-setting based on click through
rates, traffic, and conversions.
o Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes with SEO and major search engines.
Knowledge, Skills, and Physical Requirements:
 At least five years of prior experience in the field of publication production; actual experience in the
development office for an independent school or university is preferred.
 Must demonstrate experience and a history of success in the professional field of publications. Must
have excellent written and oral communication skills, demonstrate initiative and leadership qualities and
be an individual as well as team player.
 Experience with Word, Excel, InDesign, Photoshop, Powerpoint, web design and social networking and
the Internet are necessary.
 Experience with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge is helpful. Print and digital photography experience is
 Bachelor’s degree required.
 Work in a fast-paced, stressful environment dealing with a wide variety of challenges, deadlines and a
varied and diverse array of contacts.
 May work long hours for extended periods of time.
 Be able to 20 pounds and occasionally lift up to 50 lbs.
 Works in varied and extreme weather conditions, including extreme heat.
If interested, please submit a cover letter and current resume to Ms. Ria Maxwell, Dean of Faculty/Director of
Human Resources at Please be able to provide transcripts for most recent
degree earned.
Last updated: 5/12/17