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“What makes this piece extraordinary is the genuine
emotional experience it elicits.”
Debbie Hood,
“Theatre Lila makes its debut with a strongly experiential approach.
It is the kind of theater that demands your attention through
physical urgency and immediacy....
This is one of the best pieces of theatre I’ve seen in 5 years!”
Bryn Manion,
Contact: Angela Hahn
[email protected]
World premiere by Artistic Director Jessica Lanius
River Arts Center in Sauk Prairie WI
November 17th & 18th
A Celebration of Wisconsin’s Rural Women
Nov. 2nd, 2006 (Sauk Prairie, WI ) New York City Artistic Director, Jessica
Lanius has been commissioned to write, direct and choreograph an original play
entitled THESMOPHORIA for River Arts Center in Sauk Prairie, WI.
Thesmophoria was commissioned by River Arts Inc. as part of their Rural
Women: Voice & Spirit exhibit featuring Madison artist Kelly Parks Snider
and videographer Jane Bartell.
Sauk Prairie native, Jessica Lanius, Artistic Director of Theatre Lîla in New York
City has created an original work inspired by interviews conducted with women
throughout Wisconsin. Applying her unique theatrical style of Choreographic
Theatre, Ms. Lanius dynamically fuses acting and text with modern dance and
physical gestures to create a visual feast for her audience. Thesmophoria is a
multi-media performance collage with an all female cast of 14 community actors
and dancers bringing to life the memories, images, confessions, trials and
celebrations of Wisconsin’s rural women.
Painter, Kelly Parks Snider will paint live on stage! Lights will come up on
Snider and her blank canvas as she begins to work, she will continue throughout
the play to paint until her canvas is complete when the play ends. Poetry by local
Wisconsin female poets will be featured: Elizabeth Rooney (Storing September),
Amy Gosheck, Judy Douglas & Jan Libby .
Jessica Lanius, Artistic Director of Theatre Lila received critical acclaim for
her piece entitled The Waltz of Elementary Particles, which premiered in New
York City at The American Theatre of Actors in 2004. Lanius was also profiled
by BackStage for her much-lauded New York premiere of Shakespeare’s
Women: Under the Corset in 2003. Lanius’ choreography for Sixteen Women
While You Watched was chosen to be performed at ACDFA at The Kennedy
Center in Washington D.C in 1996.
THEATRE LÎLA: Through ‘the Art of Fusion’ Lila approaches works with fresh
and fearless eyes. Fusing movement, text, dance, multimedia, and storytelling,
LÎLA bridges the gap between the visually exciting and emotionally alive.
Through their unique rehearsal process, LÎLA is committed to EXPANDING
theatrical terrain into a combustible landscape. Testing physical, psychological,
and emotional boundaries, LÎLA seeks to make the invisible… visible.
Thesmophoria: A Celebration of Wisconsin’s Rural Women
Friday, November 17 at 7:30 pm.
Saturday, November 18 at 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm.
Tickets are $10 and can be purchased through the Sauk Prairie Community
Center or online
For more information call (608) 643-5634 or email [email protected]
Contact Jessica Lanius directly at 917-405-4870 or
[email protected]