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Chose two of these Hebrew words and describe the meaning in your own words: (2 marks)
Tzit zit.
Ner Tamid
Bah Mitzvah
b) Do you think the Passover is an important festival? Give two reasons for your point of view. (4 marks)
c) Explain the Synagogue in detail and why it is important. (8 marks)
In your answer you must include:
• What it is and what happens there using key words.
• What features are in the Synagogue and what they are used for
• Why it is important
• How it brings Jews closer to God
d) “All Jewish people share the same belief about God.” (6 marks)
In your answer you must include:
Key words that describe Jewish belief’s about God.
The differences between different denominations of Judaism.
Explain why a Bah Mitzvah is important in the Jewish community.
Grade D and below I can identify key words and describe (with some explanation)
features of the synagogue, The Passover and different Jewish
denominations. I can show understanding.
Grade C-B
I can explain the features of the Synagogue, The Passover
meal and different Jewish denominations. I can give reasons
for my point of view. I can apply evidence and key words. I can
show a good understanding.
Grade A-A*
I can explain in full (using key words and evidence) the
features of a Synagogue, The Passover and evaluate
differences between different denominations of the Jewish
faith. I can give detailed reasons for my own point of view and
evaluate the impact of such practices on the day to day lives of
Jewish people. I can show a full Understanding.
Sentence starters
The Challot/Kiddush/Mezuzah is………………………………….
Jew’s do not have pictures of God because…..
Another reason they do not have pictures of God is……
Shabbat is….
Jew’s celebrate Shabbat at home by…
Jew’s celebrate Shabbat in the Synagogue by…
Shabbat is important because it remembers….
The Torah and Tenakh are not same. One reason is… A second
difference is….A third difference is…
On the other hand, the Torah and Tenakh are similar because they
both…Another similarity is… Finally they are the same because…..
Moses was the right person to lead the exodus because…Another
reason is….Finally……
On the other hand, Moses was not a good choice because
he…..Moses also was a poor choice because….Finally……..
Key Word List
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