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Get supplies delivered right to your door.
Ask your supplier about their supply replacement
program and request to receive convenient reminders
when it’s time to reorder. You may even have the option
to get your supplies delivered right to your door.
Feeling great is a call away.
Re-ordering can mean a better night’s sleep
for you and your bed partner. It’s that simple.
Staying on track.
•Learn how to fit, use and clean your equipment
•Start using therapy three nights in a row every week
if you are having trouble, adding one additional night
until you are using it every night
•Increase your therapy by 30 minutes each night
•Practice using your CPAP and mask while watching TV or
reading to get used to the air pressure
•Keep a journal of activities and issues to track your progress
3 Points.
Every 30.
Replace your
CPAP supplies
for a better
night’s sleep.
Stay on Track
with 3 months at once!
to get support and stay on track
with your therapy.
1 Marshall et al. Sleep 2008
2 ResMed humidifier user manuals recommend distilled water for humidification chamber cleaning.
3 Deductibles, co-payments, co-insurance and other restrictions apply.
ResMed Corp San Diego, CA, USA +1 858 836 5000 or 1 800 424 0737 (toll free). ResMed Ltd Bella
Vista, NSW, Australia +61 (2) 8884 1000 or 1 800 658 189 (toll free). See for other ResMed
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Office. ©2013 ResMed. Specifications may change without notice. 1016061/1 2013-03
Global leaders in sleep and respiratory medicine
Sleep more. Do more.
The benefits of sleep apnea therapy
can be rewarding and amazing. Once
adjusted to your therapy, you may find
you have the energy and interest to
return to your hobbies.
A better night’s sleep is possible
and affects every area of your life.
By consistently using your therapy,
you are taking control of your health,
your well-being and your life.
Replace your CPAP supplies
for a better night’s sleep.
Many patients who suffer from sleep apnea may not
realize the importance of regular mask and supply
replacement to ensure a comfortable, proper fit and
maximum effectiveness. When your CPAP equipment is
working at optimum performance, you will be able to tell
the difference. Replacing your CPAP mask and supplies
on a regular basis helps ensure you are receiving not
only optimal therapy, but also continued comfort.
Use these guidelines to help you inspect,
assess and replace your CPAP supplies.
Mask cushions/pillows may
deteriorate over time through
regular wear and tear, which can
compromise fit and lead to air leaks.
If your cushions or pillows are worn
out, you may experience discomfort, and your
therapy may be less effective.
You are not alone
25% of middle-aged men suffer from OSA as well as 9% of middle-aged women1
Tubing may develop small holes
or tears, which may cause air leaks
and jeopardize the delivery of your
prescribed therapy setting.
Remember, untreated sleep apnea is life-threatening.
To receive the full benefit of therapy, make sure to use
your CPAP every night.
Now is the time to build a lifetime relationship
with your equipment supplier.
Designing a program that fits your lifestyle will help
you get the most out of your treatment. Ask your
supplier which of these services best fit your needs.
Services may include:
•Personalized replacement plan
•Insurance forms filed on your behalf 3
•Reminder programs to help you stay on
track with your replacement schedule
•Convenient home delivery
Machine filters wear out or may become clogged,
no longer protecting you from airborne particles,
dust, pet fur and bacteria.
In order to receive effective therapy, you may
want to become knowledgeable about:
•Inspecting your equipment regularly
•Replacing supplies
•Staying on track
The steps to replacement are easy.
Headgear and chin straps may
become stretched and lose their
elasticity, leading to overtightening
and discomfort. They can also trap
bacteria from sweat and moisture.
Humidifier water chambers may become
discolored, cracked, cloudy or even pitted due to
the mineral levels found in most tap and drinking
water.2 As the material deteriorates, cracks may
trap bacteria from moisture.
To help ensure optimal therapy, complete
the following questions and mail this
card to your equipment supplier.
Would you like to receive information on getting a new
CPAP machine? YES NO
Would you like us to contact you to see if you are
eligible for an upgraded CPAP machine? YES
How many years have you had your existing CPAP machine?
Less than one
Other ___
Do you have any comments or concerns regarding
your CPAP machine?
Combine your mask with a
ResMed CPAP for a comfortable,
quiet, lifestyle-friendly system.