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Updated 26 March 2017
Birmingham Children's Hospital Annual Paediatric Dermatology Course: Web resources
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Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH) dermatology resources
BCH Paediatric Dermatology
BCH Tertiary email referrals:
Paediatrics and transition
RCPCH-approved guidelines:
RCPCH Growth charts:
Patient experience:
Paediatric prescribing
BNFc online:
British Society for Paediatric Rheumatology (BSPAR) guidelines for systemic therapy:
 for prescribers:
 for patients and parents:
Vitamin D guideline:
Dermatology Quality of Life scores:
EASI score calculator for pc:
PASI score calculator for pc:
Birmingham EB Severity (BEBS) score:
Nottingham resources:
Nottingham eczema stories:
BCH Eczema treatment video:
National Eczema Society:
NICE Atopic Eczema in Under 12s:
NICE Food Allergy
NICE Tacrolimus and pimecrolimus for Atopic Eczema:
HIV and tropical infections
Useful consultant contact:
Cutaneous and mucosal Leishmaniasis treatment:
BHIVA HIV testing guidelines
Glossary of genetic terms: Excellent educational resource Catalogue of all Mendelian conditions and known genes Comprehensive, up to date information about genetic
conditions. Website for the British society for Genetic Medicine with useful links.
Updated 26 March 2017 Information on rare diseases and availability of genetic (DNA) tests in UK and Europe Website for “Unique” support group. Information for all chromosome disorders
(rare and common) UK Genetic Testing Network - catalogue of labs and tests commissioned by NHSE “Deciphering Developmental Disorders”. National study, now closed, but website is
useful. London Dysmorphology database information 100,000 Genomes Project Gene therapy for leber congenital amaurosis
Patient support groups (PSGs) with information for professionals and patients
Directory of all UK PSGs:
Directory of UK dermatology PSGs:
Tuberous Sclerosis
Xeroderma Pigmentosum Support Group
Ectodermal Dysplasia Support Group
Ichthyosis Support Group
Debra UK:
Debra International:
Basic Life Support (BLS)