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A unique musical extravaganza celebrating
the life and times of Queen Elizabeth I
Pete McGarr’s newly-composed piece for children, Dance Daze, draws on
the rich musical heritage of court, church and stage, voyages to the new
world and the many colourful characters of the Elizabethan age. Bringing
to life this exciting period in history, the Elizabeth Project will encourage
children to appreciate the recorder as a real instrument, performing alongside
Fontanella, one of Britain’s leading professional recorder ensembles.
The Elizabeth Project:
> Suitable for keen school-age
recorder pupils from Year 4
In G
vo et
> Opportunities for all levels of
recorder player from beginner up to
grades 3-4
> Complements the Wider Opportunities in
Music scheme and ties in with the Key Stage 2
national curriculum
> A chance to perform alongside professional
players in concert
> An exciting new childrens’ commission by
composer Pete McGarr
Fontanella Quintet
> A superb resource for mixed abilities
How does it work? The Elizabeth Project
is designed to help and inspire recorder
teachers and their pupils, under the expert
guidance of members of Fontanella. A short
series of in-school workshops or InSeT sessions
help children prepare for a final performance
of Pete McGarr’s colourful new work, ‘Dance
Daze’, featuring live performances from one
of the country’s leading professional recorder
ensembles.Schools can host their own concert,
or why not join forces with other local schools
and recorder groups to create a community
How much does it cost? Typical total
cost, including 2 or 3 workshop sessions and a
full day visit and performance with Fontanella
is in the region of £800-£1000. This will also
give you unlimited future use of all ‘Dance
Daze’ materials in your school. Don’t forget
you can significantly reduce the cost and
increase the impact of the project if you team
up with other local schools! Please contact us
for a specially tailored quote according to the
scale of project you envisage.
Contact us To find out how your school
or recorder ensemble can benefit from the
Elizabeth Project email,
visit our website at or
phone on 01306 627 332.
Fontanella were brilliant! I’ve never known
tutors to improve childrens’ playing so rapidly.
It was a really well conceived piece, managing
the technical limitations of some players in
a musical and imaginative way
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